Indie singer-songwriter Julien Baker recently did a lengthy interview with Under The Radar Magazine where she discusses growing up and falling in love with music. AFI are among artists mentioned that made an impact on her.

The article can only be read by subscribers or by purchasing the magazine in app, so see a snippet below:

As an angsty and sensitive kid, there was something in Green Day’s music that connected, something that was about to define her early adolescence. Soon after, Baker was wearing ties and painting her fingernails black and diving into the history of punk rock. Her infatuation with Green Day opened the door for her to discover Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance. A deeper level, she found post-hardcore heroes Underoath and AFI. She had begun down the “slippery-slope” of punk rock history, Baker says, and she was soon obsessed with metalcore and screamo bands like The Chariot, Norma Jean, and Whitechapel.