All Time Low Love AFI, Think Jade Shreds

In a fun game with Rocksound, All Time Low's guitarist and vocalist had to guess band names after being given clues. Read more

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As It Is Frontman Includes AFI in Soundtrack to His Youth

Patty Walters, As It Is' frontman, included "The Leaving Song Part 2" in his soundtrack to his youth playlist. Check it out here.

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Love Like Winter Featured in AltPress’ TRL Favorites

Alternative Press have released their list of "32 Times The Scene Rocked The TRL Countdown". Love Like Winter is featured, as well as many other throwbacks. Get your nostalgia on, and check out the list here

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SF Gate Look Back at the Origin of AFI

An article posted by SF Gate takes a look back at prominent bands that came out of the Bay Area during the 1980s and 1990s. AFI are included along with the likes of Green Day and Rancid. Read it all here.

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DF Poster Giveaway

DF, check your emails for an exclusive giveaway!

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“The Blood Project” by Leah Dickerman

Photographer Leah Dickerman recently shared The Blood Project, where her interpretation of each track on The Blood Album is encapsulated in a single image. Read more

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Noisey Looks Back at the DF Message Boards

Talk about a throwback. Noisey spoke with the old DF message board moderators to discuss how the forums changed their lives. Read here.

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