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DF, check your emails for a special discount on the merch store - this weekend only!

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Rolling Stone Include The Art of Drowning Among Greatest Pop Punk Albums

Rolling Stone have released their list of the "50 Greatest Pop Punk Albums" with The Art of Drowning coming in at #30. Read it here and see what they had to say!

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Vote for Adam as the MusicRadar Drummer of the Year

Music Radar are currently running a poll to name the best international rock drummer of 2017, where Adam is one of the nominees. Vote here.

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Listen to ‘The Antibodies’ cover Third Season

Buffalo-based band The Antibodies recently released a cover of Third Season, from Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes. Listen here.

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Motionless in White Include “Death of Seasons” in Favorite Halloween Songs Playlist

Motionless in White have included "Death of Seasons" in their favorite Halloween songs playlist. See the full list here.

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New AFI Podcast Launches

A new AFI podcast has arrived. Similar to A Fire Inside Out, the My Fire Inside podcast features a longtime AFI fan along with a newbie. Listen here.

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DF Signups Are Back, New Merch Bundle

The DF is back! Click here to see how you can signup to join the DF, for those who missed out, and for those already a member, you can now buy a new DF merch bundle or update your account info if needed.

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Forbes Speaks to Davey About Performing in Trump’s America

Forbes released a collection of quotes from musicians about touring, performing, and creating music in the current political climate of the United States, and they caught up with Davey for his opinion. Check it out here.

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Julien Baker Mentions AFI as Influence Growing Up

Indie singer-songwriter Julien Baker recently did a lengthy interview with Under The Radar Magazine where she discusses growing up and falling in love with music. AFI are among artists mentioned that made an impact on her. Read more

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Citizen Look Back on AFI Tour

ALARM_Citizen01 You will probably remember Citizen as one of the opening bands on the most recent leg of The Blood Tour. In a new interview, the band look back on their recent activity, commenting on their experience touring with AFI. Read the interview here.

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