1/21/2017 Oakland, CA Setlist

The set for the Oakland show, the first non-DF-exclusive show of the new era, just ended. Read more

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WATCH: “Dumb Kids” Live

"Dumb Kids" was performed for the very first time last night. Watch here.

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KROQ Post Troubadour Photo Gallery

Check out great photos of last night's show here.

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1/20/2017 West Hollywood, CA Setlist

2017_1_20 W Hollywood Setlist The initial reports of the setlist are in (thanks Emily!) this set seems truly beyond belief.Read more

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The Blood Tour Merch

Find photos of The Blood Tour merchandise below. Read more

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Northern Blood Reviews …Blood

afi-the-blood-album Irony is not lost on us. Check out what Northern Blood have to say in their review of The Blood Album.

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MXDWN Weigh In On The Blood Album

217 The new album is certainly not disappointing critics, and mxdwn is no different. Read their review of The Blood Album here.

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Blood Pendant Now Available From Best Buy

600x600_Necklace_Gray_1024x1024 A limited number of blood pendants have now been made available from Best Buy. These were previously only available with pre-orders of The Blood Album. Read more

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Get Some Magazine Review The Blood Album

afi-the-blood-album-cover Get Some Magazine has posted a review of AFI, highlighting the band's sonic evolution but also noting that there are throwbacks to the sound of Black Sails, Sing the Sorrow, and The Art of Drowning.Read more

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“Fans of Older Albums Will Be Pleasantly Surprised” – Alternative Press

Alternative Press have released their review of The Blood Album, giving it a 4 of 5 star rating.  Read more

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