AFI News HQ Interviews Adam and Hunter

17237212_1039934742777967_1391518317_o The AFI News HQ team recently sat down with Adam and Hunter backstage at The Blood Tour Read more

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New 91X Interview 

The guys stopped by 91X yesterday for a brief interview, where they discuss setlist creation, crowd variation and participation. Listen here.

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Eclectica Cafe Interview Adam

A brief video interview with Adam from Eclectica Cafe is now online. Adam discusses the band's changing sound and the change in the music business over the years. 

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Adam Talks ‘Blood’ Drums with Modern Drummer

2_2017_Online_March_Issue_Adam_Carson_by_Drew_Kirsch-copy A new interview with Adam has been posted by Modern Drummer, where Adam goes into detail about his drum setup and the recording of The Blood Album. Read the interview here.

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Bucks Courier Times Interviews Adam

adam A new interview with Adam has been posted by the Bucks County Courier Times. Adam discusses The Blood album, the longevity of the band, and The Blood Tour.  Read in full here.

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Adam and Davey Chat with Go 96.3

You can now watch the full video chat with Adam and Davey conducted just a few minutes ago in Minneapolis. 

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Adam and Jade on Records In My Life

dfghj Adam and Jade recently spoke with Records In My Life ahead of the show in Vancouver last week. They discuss some of the albums that initially inspired them to play music. See the interview below:Read more

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Yahoo! Music Interview

The first video interview with the full band has arrived courtesy of Yahoo! Read more

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The Brag Interviews Adam

Adam spoke with The Brag about the very beginnings of AFI, the social media blackout to tease the new record, and taking inspiration from other artists.

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Adam Chats with The Salt Lake Tribune

adam In a concert preview interview ahead of the SLC show, Adam spoke with The Salt Lake Tribune. Read more

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