Hunter Contributes to Anti-Flag “The Great Divide” Playlist

Hunter is a featured contributor this week on Anti-Flag's #SONGSFORTHERESISTANCE Spotify Playlist. Listen to Hunter's contributions here.

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Hunter Speaks with Jamie Apps Media

Hunter did a recent phone interview with Jamie Apps Media where they spoke about the new record ahead of the Australian tour next week. Listen here.

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Jade and Hunter Discuss Gear with Premier Guitar

Jade and Hunter spoke with Premier Guitar about their rigs, preferred guitars, and more. There's some great photos of their gear along with the video interview.

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Hunter Comments on Future Plans for AFI

img_1799 In a new interview previously posted, Hunter spoke about the Blood Tour cycle and the recording of the new record. Also worthy of note was his comment about future plans for AFI beyond the Blood Era. See below for a quote:Read more

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Hunter Speaks with Westword Ahead of Red Rocks

A new interview with Hunter has been published via Westword, where he discusses playing at Red Rocks Amphitheater, the decision to add a bunch of new songs to the setlists this era, and hinted at future AFI plans.

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Jade and Hunter Speak with AMBY

Jade and Hunter spoke with A Music Blog, Yea? back in the beginning of the year and the video interview is now live. Read more

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BEETxBEET Profile Hunter

Hunter4 BEETxBEET, a vegan-inspired clothing label have posted an in depth interview with Hunter about his vegan lifestyle, music career and support for the BEETxBEET brand. Check out a video below and read the full interview here.Read more

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AFI Go Record Shopping at Amoeba

wimb Amoeba Records have featured AFI on their What's In My Bag? YouTube segment. Watch Adam, Davey and Hunter shopping for records at the Hollywood store below.Read more

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AFI News HQ Interviews Adam and Hunter

17237212_1039934742777967_1391518317_o The AFI News HQ team recently sat down with Adam and Hunter backstage at The Blood Tour Read more

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New 91X Interview 

The guys stopped by 91X yesterday for a brief interview, where they discuss setlist creation, crowd variation and participation. Listen here.

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