Wall of Sound AU Interview Adam

Wall of Sound Australia interviewed Adam where they discussed the Australian tour, not playing albums in full on tour, dad life, and more. Listen here.

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“By the end of 2017, I want to start writing the next AFI record.” – Jade

In a new interview with May The Rock Be With You, Jade reveals that he'd like to get started on writing the next AFI record by the end of the year. He also details where he'd like to tour and his producer role on Blood.

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WATCH: Destroy All Lines Facebook Q&A

You can watch the Destroy All Lines Facebook Q&A with Davey and Jade that took place last night here.

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Davey Speaks with Noisey

In what is probably the most revealing and admirable interviews we've seen, Davey sat down with a writer at Noisey Music and discussed everything from Axl Rose and Broadway to his punk roots. This one is a must read.

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Davey Speaks with The Music

Davey spoke to The Music, an Australian music outlet, about what goes into choosing the setlist the each night, lifelong fans, and the possible misconception that AFI is a straight edge band.

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Jade Speaks with The Salt Lake Tribune

Jade spoke with The Salt Lake Tribune about taking on the producer role for Blood, the lyrical content of the new album, and AFI's evolving change in sound.

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Davey Speaks on Post Punk Influence with The West Australian

img_5975.jpg A new interview with Davey has been posted by The West Australian in which Davey discusses the post-punk influences on The Blood Album. Read the full price here.

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Jade and Hunter Discuss Gear with Premier Guitar

Jade and Hunter spoke with Premier Guitar about their rigs, preferred guitars, and more. There's some great photos of their gear along with the video interview.

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Hunter Comments on Future Plans for AFI

img_1799 In a new interview previously posted, Hunter spoke about the Blood Tour cycle and the recording of the new record. Also worthy of note was his comment about future plans for AFI beyond the Blood Era. See below for a quote:Read more

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Hunter Speaks with Westword Ahead of Red Rocks

A new interview with Hunter has been published via Westword, where he discusses playing at Red Rocks Amphitheater, the decision to add a bunch of new songs to the setlists this era, and hinted at future AFI plans.

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