Like Pacific Frontman Calls AFI His Favorite Band of All Time

In a recent Instagram story Q&A, Like Pacific frontman, Jordan Black, said that AFI are his favorite band of all time. Read more

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Pauley Perrette Discusses Davey’s Fashion Influence on Her NCIS Character

Here's something we never thought we'd see. Former NCIS actress, Pauley Perrette, said in a new interview that the one thing she'd keep from her character's wardrobe is a parasol because she was influenced by Davey having one. Watch here.

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Jessicka Havok Discusses Her Love for AFI

Jessicka Havok, a professional wrestler, recently spoke with AMBY about her love for AFI, meeting the band for the first time, and much more. Check it out here.

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Band Films Music Video as Homage to AFI

Hylian, a pop punk band, released a new music video that was shot at prominent locations throughout AFI's career, including Gilman Street and Art of Ears, as an homage to the band. So cool! Check it out here.

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Adam Included in List of Best International Rock Drummers by Music Radar

Thanks to everyone who voted, Adam landed at the 12th spot in Music Radar's 17 Best International Rock Drummers. Regarding Carson's drumming, they said: Read more

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Motionless in White Include “Death of Seasons” in Favorite Halloween Songs Playlist

Motionless in White have included "Death of Seasons" in their favorite Halloween songs playlist. See the full list here.

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Julien Baker Mentions AFI as Influence Growing Up

Indie singer-songwriter Julien Baker recently did a lengthy interview with Under The Radar Magazine where she discusses growing up and falling in love with music. AFI are among artists mentioned that made an impact on her. Read more

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All Time Low Love AFI, Think Jade Shreds

In a fun game with Rocksound, All Time Low's guitarist and vocalist had to guess band names after being given clues. Read more

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As It Is Frontman Includes AFI in Soundtrack to His Youth

Patty Walters, As It Is' frontman, included "The Leaving Song Part 2" in his soundtrack to his youth playlist. Check it out here.

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Noisey Looks Back at the DF Message Boards

Talk about a throwback. Noisey spoke with the old DF message board moderators to discuss how the forums changed their lives. Read here.

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