Live 105 Post Oakland Show Photos

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 7.48.15 PM LIVE 105 posted some great shots of the Oakland show! Go check them out.

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The Vinyl District Share Fox Theater Photos

ft2 Some more photos from AFI's performance at The Fox Theater in Oakland on 1/21 have been posted by The Vinyl District. See the gallery here.

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SF Weekly Post Fox Theater Photos

ft SF Weekly have posted some great shots of the show at the Fox Theater in Oakland this past Saturday.

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Live Nation Post Gallery of Troubadour Show

Live Nation posted a fantastic set of photos from the DF-only show at The Troubadour.  Read more

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LA Music Blog Reviews Troubadour Show

LA Music Blog has posted a review and photos from Friday's DF show at the Troub in West Hollywood. Read more

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More great shots from Friday's show at The Troubadour courtesy of

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KROQ Post Troubadour Photo Gallery

Check out great photos of last night's show here.

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