Blood Included in Pop Buzz’s Top 10 2017 Pop Punk Albums

Pop Buzz have posted their top 10 albums of the year, and The Blood Album made the cut. See what they had to say of the record here.

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The Blood Album Tops Wall Of Sound’s 2017 Year In Review 

Photographer Kim Anderson recently posted their review of 2017 in music, via Wall Of Sound. AFI topped most lists in the rundown, you can see exactly what they had to say here.

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“The Blood Project” by Leah Dickerman

Photographer Leah Dickerman recently shared The Blood Project, where her interpretation of each track on The Blood Album is encapsulated in a single image. Read more

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The Blood Album Now Available on Amazon Prime Music

Those with an Amazon Prime subscription can now stream The Blood Album in its entirety, for free with the service. Head here to listen.

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The Blood Album One of 411 Mania’s Top Albums of 2017

Blog site 411 Mania has posted a list of what they consider to be the best records released so far this year. Read why they included the Blood Album as well as the full list here.

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The Dying Scene Blood Album Review

The Dying Scene have posted their review of The Blood Album, once again praising the new record. Read the review here.

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Jade Talks Genre with

AFI Live at Manchester o2 Apollo 2017 by jodiphotography 6 In a new interview, Jade comments on the genre and labels that have been attributed to The Blood Album, as well as to AFI in general. Read his thoughts here.

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Hidden Knives Available on iTunes for $0.69

For a limited time, Hidden Knives is available to download via iTunes for the reduced price of $0.69.

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Rock Axis Reviews The Blood Album

South American music outlet Rock Axis have posted their take on The Blood Album. Read the English translation of the review here.

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Daily Campus Call Blood “An Album That Keeps the Core of the Band’s Identity”

217 Daily Campus have reviewed The Blood Album. Speaking highly of the record, they note the way in which the new songs encapsulate everything that AFI does best:Read more

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