A New Era of AFI News HQ

We’ve been managing AFI News Headquarters for ten years now. We’ve progressed from a blog site, to a dedicated hub for everything AFI, to most recently being housed on AFI’s website. As AFI have continued to progress and shift with the times, so have we, and we will soon be making a few changes that we’re excited to tell you all about.

After our most recent transition to the band’s website last year, we cut back on breaking news, which many of you noticed and heavily critiqued us on – understandably so.

Because we are an official fan-run outlet of the band, working in tandem with management, posting leaks, rumors, and large-scale breaking news before the band have officially announced is not something we do anymore. However, we have come to see ourselves as not just a news outlet, but larger than that; a hub to facilitate discussion and community for us, the fans. Helping to create a space on social media and beyond evolving from the days where the DF forums were the go-to place for such discussion.

This brings us to today. Moving forward, AFI News Headquarters will now simply be AFI HQ. So, what can you expect going forward?

1. Our home will continue to be at afireinside.net – watch this space for info on updates to the official site.

2. Tour coverage will continue – setlists, photos, etc.

3. Interviews and media mentions will be cut back slightly. We’ll mostly post these where new information is released or the coverage is high profile, or the content is particularly discussion worthy.

4. More contests! We are working with AFI’s team for more stuff for you folks to win.

5. We will continue to post news and updates on Blaqk Audio and other side projects, and will be working closely with management here also. This will be done on our AFI HQ social channels, but will not hosted on a dedicated website.

6. We will be the mouthpiece of the fan community, the voice of the fans, and a connection to the band.

Over the next few days, we will be making some updates to our social pages and handles, so keep an eye out for that.

This has been a discussion in talks for awhile and we believe these small changes will help to continue to keep this project alive. We hope you support us in our decision.

Thank you as always for your years of support and dedication. We are always open to hearing what you guys would like to see from us, our inbox is open!

Here’s to keeping the flame burning.

Mary, Josh and Dan