Davey, at the point of our meeting I was already a long time fan. AFI had a way to take what was empty, and bring forth new substance and meaning. This was something new to me. Blaqk Audio finished their set, and as I wondered around the Hard Rock, I looked up, and Davey was there, walking in our direction. Weirdest thing is when I saw him, he saw me and it was like a magnet! He came up to us  and was very kind. At last, I got express how much AFI has touched my life, and thank him for all that he/AFI have done not only for me, but for us all! “Through our bleeding, we are one”. AFI continues to absolutely blow my mind and inspire me unlike anything else. They’re the reason why I started my band, and continues to be a light in this darkness. Again, I thank you eternally! You’ll never truly know just how much you mean to us!