So it’s kind of random that I ended up here in the first place, but I just put on some old AFI and had been sort of reminiscing about a memory I had back when I was about 12 years old or so. I saw AFI open for The Offspring and L7 at the Agora in Cleveland in probably about 1997. My friend and I had gone to the show specifically for AFI because we found out about them through a Nitro Records comp called “Go Ahead Punk Make My Day” and bought Very Proud of Ya as a result. We missed L7 and half of The Offspring’s set because we were talking to Davey and Jade in the lobby for like an hour. We were only kids, but we talked about tattoos, God, temperance, business, and Marilyn Manson haha. I went on to listen to AFI for decades after that, and always felt like that conversation gave me some inside context to the evolution that occurred from Very Proud of Ya through Sing the Sorrow that I don’t think many other fans had. Anyway, it was a cool memory that I thought I’d share. Literally only because through some serendipitous circumstance, there was an opportunity to share it.