Saw AFI when I was 15. I had already loved them for a bit but this was my first real concert Warped Tour 2001. I had lied saying I was going to a christian concert. After they started playing..Just amazing! Blew all the shit talkers in the audience away. Ever and a day came on and the clouds came and it rained for the entire song which cooled everyone off for a bit. Then just as they switched to a single second the sun came out. Never forget that.. the next time I saw them was a few years later at warped tour again. I think sing the sorrow had just come out, When they played cruise control only a handful of people even knew what was going on. I was so sad. The guy next to me even asked how I knew it.

Anyhow, I made tons of new friends on the forum who i still keep in contact with. Somehow I got in early enough where my user name was just “diana” at one point. Always will consider that a small success. I was in the despair faction. I got the stuffed guy and for the life of me cant remember his name. I had him for years until my mom said he was creepy and donated him somewhere. Their music got me through chemo, my dads passing, and high school in general. I met Adam once when I ran into him after a show. I was too scared to say anything though. Still love you guys. Your music means so much to me. Sorry this is over 300 char.