Besties house

So my memory goes not too far back in my life but I remember I was 14 years old. I had spent a weekend at my best friends house who I had been like sisters with since 2nd grade lol. How time flies… anyway, I was hanging out with her and got bored and wanted to hear some music. Then she showed me her CD collection it ranged from yall (AFI) to many other bands like The Used, Shinedown, My Chemical Romance, Simple Plan and many other bands but something about yalls album cover that just intrigued me it just caught my eye and from then I found Miss Murder, Love Like Winter and those became like anthems for most of my days as a teen haha and then anything else yall had put out needless to say I had started my own CD Collection and had to have anything yall put out or any other great bands but the  December Undergroud record started it all for me as a rock music fan so also in this memory I wanna say Thank You for being a huge part in myself finding my love and heart for Rock music 🤘🤘🤘