… But Your Fire Makes It All Worthwhile

You guys are such role models who have taught so much about integrity & have been the brightest light in my darkest moments for 15+ years…I can’t thank all 4 of you enough for that. ❤️‍🔥 I have too many memories for one post: my first show in ’06, ’09 Scranton signing, meeting Jade and Davey at/backstage after ‘American Idiot!!’, watching side stage in ’13 & the recent short film+Q&A are only some of the highlights. I can’t even try to count the many, many times you’ve saved me in these 15+ years – I can never thank you enough. You bring me so much inspiration & have greatly impacted my life. Your ethos taught me so much & your music inspires me everyday. It’s been 30 years, 11 records, but Bodies is likely my favorite; every single track slaps.