First concert

Okay, so back in 2006 I came up to edmonton.

I was 13 at the time and I got tickets to go see AFI, my first concert loved afi they were and still are my favorite band.

Well at the show I was with my older brother (20 years older) and asked if I could go to the crowd and I was on my way, enjoyed the opener I was a chill experience so far and then AFI came on.

My brother told me how he witnessed everyone in the beer gardens run over to the stage and how the crowd just got hectic.

Well there I was In my first concert unprepared for what was happening I remember me and a group of Stangers tried to hold the line and out spot but it just wasn’t possible lol.

I remember moving back to a more chill part of the crowd and fucking Davey havok finishes a bottle of water and tosses it in the crowd and it just bumping me on the head with sniper precision.

Overall it was a good night and one that I could remember, really glad AFI was my first concert.