Jumping On The Bed

The first time I recall hearing AFI was at a sleepover at my two friends’ place across the street. They were sisters. Their older brother had the decemberunderground CD in his room and while he wasn’t there, my friends and I turned it on and jumped around on his bed listening to it. I specifically remember wondering why he was screaming but I loved it. I also remember seeing the CD booklet and I was mesmerized by their sense of fashion. We were maybe 9 years old or so. One day I finally bought the CD for myself, and eventually most of their others. AFI is one of the first bands I ever got into and I’ve been a huge fan ever since. They helped me understand my dark feelings more, which helped me cope and better express those feelings. They helped me out when I used to cry alone in my bedroom. They helped me develop my own style that I was comfortable with as well, and I still practically dress the same way to this day. I am finally going to see AFI live in February and it’s really been a long time coming. I’m 22 now. I’ll be forever grateful for this band.