My favorite band ever

AFI has been my favorite band for years now, although I was very young, I can’t describe how the band helped me in many ways: since I was a kid I knew I was into the “strange and usual” Davey Havok and of course the whole band showed me that I shouldn’t be afraid to be myself, they introduced me to the music I enjoy the most: goth subculture and veganism are two movements that are part of my life now, and despite being borderline patient dealing with my own demons, AFI is always there to show me that there’s light in darkness and isolation and I’m very thankful for that, for changing my life with their music and the wonderful persons they are. In honor, I have a simple but precious to me tattoo of Jade and Davey, I can’t wait to get Adam and Hunter too and get the opportunity to meet them when they visit Mexico again since I haven’t had the pleasure to see them yet, and well, maybe get them to sign my tattoo and get tattooed that too.