My sister saw Jade and Davey eating somewhere in Berkeley

Whether it was outright hardcore influence or blindly buying records because any of them were wearing a shirt, or any of them happened to namedrop some band in an interview, my entire pop music taste draws from this band! I remember blasting Skid Row much to my parents’ chagrin, all because Davey mentioned Sebastian Bach in a Nardwuar interview.

Late 90s-early 00s is the era I was most into, just found out this past Halloween that an older coworker of mine was a fan when I wore my Fall Children shirt to work. He told me a story about how he almost saw you guys. His pal had two tickets to some show in LA after The Art of Drowning dropped. The friend was extra dumb and drove them out to the place a week earlier than the concert. They drove up into an empty parking lot wondering what was going on lol.

The new wreckord is slapping tho