Sing the Sorrow….the gateway album

Never expected to have a life changing moment inside a Hot Topic…but circa mid 2003 and I came across an instore giveaway contest thing for something related to AFI and just mused that, by photo appearances, they would probably be a perfect band for my goth sister. Had never heard of them and had no idea of who they were or what they were about.  

A few minutes later, I happened to hear Girl’s Not Grey on the overhead and froze from the start to end of the song. Went home having no idea who sang it, but I was in love.

An internet lyric search later and I dove in head first. It took a bit of time until my brain connected the two memories in retrospect.

 I’ve been blessed to have been able to see them multiple times. Was over the moon to finally get into the DF after 10 years of trying. (Enrollment always seemed closed when I’d check.) They are one of the bands I constantly enjoy and turn to; back catalogue to current. From AFI through Blaqk Audio, Dream Car, and Hunter Revenge, or other creative avenues, they have just brought so much into my life; such JOY and comfort.

I can never express enough, how happy I am that I found them and what an impact they continue to have with the creativity they share.

From cross state road trips to god knows where in the middle of blizzard conditions to just down the road from home; supporting them is ALWAYS WORTH IT. 

Davey – Thanks for pointing back at me from the stage at Sokol Auditorium in Omaha…during the Blood Tour. Life Highlight.   

To everyone involved – Thank you for 30 years and on. <3