Sing the Sorrow – the most memorable

My first AFI album was Black Sails in the Sunset. However, I was listening to it after AOD was released and right before STS was being released. I remember listening to BSITS right before chemistry class. I was so proud that I blasted the stereo high enough so that passengers could hear it. In April, 2003, I went to AFI’s STS tour at the Rialto in Tucson, AZ. I was dressed in this fairy/rockabilly shirt, a short skirt and these glasses that I had just got. I put my hair in spikes and a bandana. When AFI got on stage, I screamed so loud that others gave me scared looks.I remember Davey had just crowd surfed and apparently someone groped him because he said: “Don’t grab my balls. It really hurts!” The next show I went to was KFMA day at the rodeo grounds. I squinted at Davey because the sun was in my eyes. Davey had costume make-up on, like a ghoul. I missed the next concert because I was in the hospital. I went to the Burials show next, in Tempe with my sister. I missed my fav song, Ever and a Day because I was smoking outside – what a bummer. That was the last AFI show I’d seen. I already have tickets for Bodies. I’ve been to one Blaqk Audio concert, Only the Things we Love. It was so fun!