Still Free

Every weekend in highschool we’d get together at a friends house, the whole block. Kids would skate, we’d blast music, & just hang. So many laughs, just being kids.That was the 1st time i got introduced to your music. I always felt so free & careless listening to your music there. Home life was stressful, & I never felt like I fit in there or at school being, one of a couple Hispanic students in the whole school. When we were there rockin out on those weekends.. We all fit in. Didn’t matter how crappy our home lives were, how good we were doing in school, if we had money. We fit in, we belonged. We all related and united under something we loved your music.  I really hold on to that. That feeling, of just being free…belonging no matter what situation arises even as I grow older. So thank you for that. Much love❤️