Track 7, Age 7

My video is just a snippet of how AFI hypes me up. In the photo I’m wearing the shirt I got from my first show. I saw the Girl’s Not Grey music video on TV when I was 7 in 2005. After that, STS never left my CD player. My dad took me to see AFI the following year in November in Albany, NY for their I Heard A Voice tour. When they started to play Death Of Seasons, (track 7 on STS) I was so excited, but still, I was a kid with my dad. I thought, “they say the fuck word in this song…uh oh” I screamed “’cause this hate is fucking real!” at the break down and my dad didn’t care. He knew I was feeling extreme euphoria, like how he probably felt at his first show. To this day STS is my favorite album. Thank you for giving me that silly moment with my dad, making me feel understood, introducing me to HXC, always experimenting and moving forward, etc. Thank you AFI.