AFI saved me

I remember the first time I listened to AFI; it was “Miss Murder” and that song blew my mind, then I bought the Decemberunderground album, saw them at a show, after that purchase and that concert, my world changed; in those days I was a teenager struggling with depression, I had many suicidal tendencies, I hurt myself, I felt alone and like nobody understood what I was being though (neither I) but AFI was always there for me supporting me with their art and with their lyrics I knew that someone out there felt the same that I felt, you don’t know guys how much you helped me in the darkest days, almost 15 years passed since I listened to you for the first time, you had saved me so many times and I wouldn’t be able to thank you enough for that, I still struggling with depression but your art always remember me that I’m not alone and there’s so many people that love me and take care of me.

Happy 30 years!!! 

Hope to see you soon in Mexico 🇲🇽 🖤