Seeing AFI In Memory of My Brother🖤🤍

I saw you guys perform at the house of blues in Anaheim on October 25, 2022. It was an awesome show. It meant a lot to me growing up listening to you guys all of the time and also being there in honor of my brother Andrew James Quiñones who died of DKA almost a year and a half ago. I tried so hard to not cry but i did that night. Thank you for making that night very special to me. I love you guys a lot Your music has always made sense to me and personal things I’ve gone thru. Thank you for performing an awesome show. It was my first time seeing you guys and I wanna see you guys come out to LA again! Thank you so much this meant a lot to me. I’m a huge fan! I sang my ass off that night while I jumped around. Thank you for making it so meaningful to me. I hope I can see you guys again soon! I love you guys!🖤 my fav song that night was silver and cold and endlessly, she said. I will soon get a tattoo in honor of you guys and my brother who loved your band. He had A lot of the album covers tatted all over his body. He was a huge fan! Thank you for making great music!