That first taste

I’ll never forget the first time I heard AFI. It was the fall semester of my junior year of college. I was hanging out with a new friend from the opera production and they put on some music once we finished rehearsing. The opening track of Sing the Sorrow came on. I stopped in my tracks. I was hooked from that first phrase. I had to sit down and listen to the entire album at that moment. I had no idea who AFI was before that moment and I’ve been a fan ever since. decemberunderground literally saved my life. I listened to that CD so much I had to buy another copy. I’ve loved all their music and their “older stuff” (to me) evens gets to me. They’re one of my top 5 bands. When the blood album came out, I knew I had to get a tattoo to pay homage to them and my two favorite albums of theirs. So now I share a photo of my tattoo with y’all. I know a lot of you will appreciate it as much as I do. 🩸🖤