The soundtrack of my life

Warped Tour, before STS,  recently got married, we went with a large group of friends.. and all these years later almost all I remember about that day is the joy of being with good  friends and the amazing AFI performance. Might not seem like a big deal, but one year later I became a mom, which unfortunately lead me to losing touch with a lot of those friends…yet AFI stuck around and helped me remember who I was despite my life having changed so drastically. When STS came out, it reminded me who I was outside of being a mom, like I found myself again. My kids grew up listening to AFI.  And next month my husband and I are flying out to the STS anniversary show. Full circle. I can’t thank AFI enough for their music. To this day…going on our 23rd wedding anniversary…. AFI music brings me so much joy, each individual instrument makes me FEEL, not to mention the brilliant lyrics, gang vocals and of course, Davey.  Thrilled to still have this band in my life ❤️