I knew about you guys somewhat before, but I can remember really falling in love with Silver and Cold first when it had started to come on fuse tv. I was beyond adoration once I had learned every word. The whole vibe of the video was like an autobiography of how I looked and lived my life at the time as a shy outcast yearning to be in love just for love’s sake. I was deep in my goth and metal days, and spent my time going to local metal shows in conservative southeast Georgia (waycross). We had a good group of hardcore kids and we really adored you guys.

As the years have passed, I fell more in love with this band album by album. Your tunes and lyrics seem to capture elements of being a human like no other band. You guys are like angels. I hope you know that your hearts are very beautiful. Many songs like this time imperfect, silver and cold, morning star, endlessly, she said, caught, and the like have just wrapped me up in a romance with your sound, very much like that romantic feeling I get from listening to The Cure’s pictures of you. Yall know that is saying something! Thank you for sharing your art with us all for so many wonderful years,  and I hope to see you guys for the first time one day.