Your first tour

03 AFI toured Australia for the first time, I went to the Sydney show, met the band at the meet & greet and show Davey my, very bad, A Fire Inside tattoo that was in old English (my 1st tattoo) I then went to Melbourne show, actually got to meet Adam and Hunter after the show in the upstairs bar. On the way home from the airport a couple days later my father got diagnosed with cancer, and unfortunately passed away 10 days later. He didn’t say much in his final days, but he did know that I went to see my favourite band, twice & asked me how it was. (He wasn’t a massive fan of the music I listened too) but he knew I was so stoked to have seen the band, & I told him so. He was so happy for me. This is one of the last things we ever talked about & it means the world too me. Thank you