13 Year Old Me

California , US

Sing the Sorrow was released when I was 13 years old, this was my introduction to the band and I was instantly enamored with Davey and AFI’s sound. I had mid length black hair at the time and unintentionally resembled Davey as a punk/emo kid myself. A guy friend pointed this out and I was mortified so I refused to admit I was a fan for years. I wish had more confidence and took it as the compliment it was because Davey has always been gorgeous. I’ve always loved AFI and as an adult just saw them live for the first time in LA last weekend. Nothing but love for you guys and congratulations on 30 years!!

Inspirational through my formative years

New Orleans, LA, US

Found AFI right around the time Sing the Sorrow came out, but instantly loved most of their discography up til that point. I was about 13 or 14 at the time and joined the Despair Faction. Spent lots of time on the forum and met my friend Chelsea there. We’re still friends to this day, and both ended up moving to CO in our twenties. My mom drove us to Pensacola to see them perform and it was so great meeting new friends and hanging out in line before the show. Always fond memories!

Inspiring Health


Sing the Sorrow was a constant on my playlist when I started getting back into shape after a toxic relationship that left me with a broken arm and spirit.

13 years later and AFI (and Blaqk Audio) is dominating a new playlist to once again help me get back in shape after several years of PTSD induced agoraphobia and the pandemic. Davey has also inspired me to try a more vegan diet and my insides feel better than they have in years.

Here’s to being a much healthier, fitter person when I finally get to see them live for the first time later this year! And thank you guys for putting out such great music to keep accompanying me on my health journeys. <3

music from a while back despair faction meetups

memphis,tn, US

hello everyone my names craig wallace

i travelled the states most of my 18 and 19 year old for AFI

they came to my hometown, memphis,tn 3 times and have always kept in connection with us fans, i have suffered a brain injury here in 2022, no pity party here but AFI’s music still helps me out today 

my favorite concert i have been to would have to be in 2007 when despair faction members got to meet the band I still talk to those people when I can

i saw them in nashville in 2018 with my wife, whose first time was seeing them, and it changed her opinion of them for sure. the setlists are always amazing and I hope to catch at least one show during the bodies tour somehow.

through our bleeding we  are one!

craig wallace – snapchat is memphiscraig for those who want to add me and chat

Despair Faction for Life

oakland, US

There’s so many. When I saw them at Warped Tour, when I got my Despair Faction box, when I was so moved the first time I heard ‘Sing for Sorrow’ I got misty, but the best was getting their autographs at Tower Records, which I still have all these years later <3

Words and Stages

Buffalo, NY, US

 I was very young when I was introduced to AFI.  For me, it was the very lucky summer of 2000 when my friends and I stumbled upon the band playing at our very first warped tour.  I was instantly entralled by the band’s intensity and the power of the lyrics.  Those words, album after album, have come with me on a journey of healing.  I will forever be greatful to the band for helping me to better understand myself, for lessening the feelings of isolation, and helping/encouraging me to ever press forward.       

Haunting of the Bay

Portland, OR, US

What is there really to say? In 2001 I was 14 and started going to shows. AFI played 3 nights for halloween at slims and me and my friends were there on November 1st. That night I got to see two of my favorite bands – AFI and the Distillers. Legendary performance and memories that have and will last a lifetime. Davey all in white, Jade, Hunter, and Adam all ripping through the set. I can see the back drop when I close my eyes. Avoid the poles in the circle pit.

AFI has been one of the biggest musical influences in my life. East Bay Hardcore. Thanks for everything.

Just like a memory…

Houston, Texas, US

It was almost 20 years ago when I heard Sing the Sorrow, and I’ve been spellbound since. Words can’t really describe the impact, but AFI has played a huge part in my own personal creativity and healing. I remember the first time I had a chance to go to a live show. I recall the energy and how it felt to not only hear but see the music that brought me so much of everything, that it felt like a burning in my soul that’ll never go out. One dark flame, always.

From New Years Eve to Jones Beach

Montgomery, US

First time I saw you guys perform was on a New Years Eve show on TV. You played “Love like Winter”. I was like oh shit was is this. Instantly hooked. Fast forward some 08/19 Wantagh, NY – Nikon at Jones Beach Theatre.  My wife and I bought tix to the”Carnivore” concert and you were the opening act. We were blown away by your performance.  Since then I rock out  to you guys every almost daily.  Always waiting for the next single. Thank you for being so awesome. 

My poor dog

Roy, Utah, US

My dog (dog 1) once made out with another dog and my other dog (dog 2) watched and was crying while giving birth.

My Uncle Michael was one of your first fans.

New Zion, US

My uncle Michael just passed away yesterday. He was one of your first fans. For as long as I can remember he has loved your band! He had at least 10 signed posters in his room growing up and always loved your music! If you could email me and reach out to his mom Lynnette and out family it would mean so much ! 

In memory of Michael Ard

New Zion, US

In loving memory of Michael Ard. One of the biggest fans of AFI that I knew. He will forever be missed and your music is getting us through this day by day with sweet ememories of him. 

Third Season!

Peoria, US

No pics to prove it.  1999 in Tempe, AZ at “The Heat” (formerly Nita’s Hideaway).  Went to see my favorite band Good Riddance and walked away obsessed with AFI.  They moved the show outside due to the large crowd and I remember a monsoon storm was blowing in rather violently.  The wind and the lightning was scaring people.  Davey was on top of a huge stack, devil lock blowing in the wind, singing Third Season.  It was as if he had summoned the storm!  Have not seen anything like that in my entire life.  Fanboy till I die…

My favorite band

Monteria, CO

I love this guys, the way they play, the way Davey sing. You were born for this


So it’s kind of random that I ended up here in the first place, but I just put on some old AFI and had been sort of reminiscing about a memory I had back when I was about 12 years old or so. I saw AFI open for The Offspring and L7 at the Agora in Cleveland in probably about 1997. My friend and I had gone to the show specifically for AFI because we found out about them through a Nitro Records comp called “Go Ahead Punk Make My Day” and bought Very Proud of Ya as a result. We missed L7 and half of The Offspring’s set because we were talking to Davey and Jade in the lobby for like an hour. We were only kids, but we talked about tattoos, God, temperance, business, and Marilyn Manson haha. I went on to listen to AFI for decades after that, and always felt like that conversation gave me some inside context to the evolution that occurred from Very Proud of Ya through Sing the Sorrow that I don’t think many other fans had. Anyway, it was a cool memory that I thought I’d share. Literally only because through some serendipitous circumstance, there was an opportunity to share it.

Arlington, TX, US

I don’t quite remember how I first came across AFI, but I was about 13.. Very proud of ya was the first AFI cd I bought. That album helped me through so much during teenage years. Thanks for everything! I’m now 32 & it’s still one of my all time fav albums. Thanks for everything! 🖤


Maryville, TN, US

I first heard AFI on Tony hawk pro skater 2, The boy who destroyed the world. I muted every other song in the game but that one. They quickly became one of the most prolific bands in my life, they have been burned into my soul and embedded in my DNA. Thru heartbreak, sorrow, death and life, they held me and kept me sane. Later in life, I was listening to Totalimmortal, my 3 year old in the back seat. At the end of the song he made me play it again… and again… and again. Now he is 14 and I am taking him to his first AFI show in Atlanta on Dec 2. Yeah, I’m going to cry a little, proud tears.

SYMAOYoureyes cassette tape

Wildomar, CA, US

I was 13 and I somehow got a cassette and would listen to it over and over again while I mowed my grandma’s and my houses’ yards which was tough we lived in Pennsylvania. Big grass lawns. See you guys in San Diego! Love each and every one of you guys.

Sing the sorrow

Salt Lake City, Utah , US

Put sing the sorrow on vinyl again before to die. Please

1997, Matchstisck production movie “Pura Vida” OST

Paris, FR

1997, Pura Vida ski movie… He who laughs last and Cult status + newschool skiing… My 2 passions… still listening to the same music and practicing the same sport 25 years later…

Then saw you at Palais Omnisport de Paris Bercy, 2001, The Offspring’s first part…  started, shoes were flying…


You still have it inside you… Do a punk album again… CULT STATUS… prolly the best hardcore punk song EVER

First introduction


My favorite cousin was coming home from the military for a visit. He and his parents came to see us and we all hung out a lot. He walked me to the bus. When he left he left me a mix cd and it had a lot of songs, but one was from AFI it was Wester. After that I was hooked. Kept listening to this day. 

From Russia with love)))

Москва, RU

I got acquainted with your work in 2006 when I studied at the university. I saw the clip “Miss Murder” and fell in love. And I have loved you for 15 years. Everything, ALL your albums are beautiful. There is not a single song that I don’t like. There is a song for every stage of life, every mood. And I really like your lifestyle. Usually musicians are addicted to drugs and alcohol, but you are different! This is so cool! I love you even more for this) Guys, you are all very handsome men! Girls from the USA are lucky that they can see you not only in the photo! Guys, you are very loved in Russia! We only seem harsh, but we are not! We have a fire inside))) Come to Moscow, we will show you the real “Love Like Winter”)))

Silver and Cold First Kiss

Radford, VA, US

I was secretly dating my older brother’s best friend. He came over one morning before catching the school bus to hang out. The three of us were watching music videos on FUSE when my brother left the room. My boyfriend gave me a quick, “Come here,” from across the room–I obliged. He tenderly grabbed my face with both hands, pulled me in and landed my first kiss while Silver and Cold was playing in the background (which was my favorite part of the memory). 

First time seeing AFI

Las Vegas and Tucson, US

It’s been a total of 5 times that I’ve been able to see AFI and the first time was in Tucson. I remember my cousin had his wedding the same day and I left right as soon as the door opened so I got to see AFI for the first time and still made it back in time for the party of my cousins wedding.

What a ride it’s been

Huntington, WV, US

AFI has been my favorite band since I was about 7 and my mom brought home Sing the Sorrow on CD after hearing girls not grey on the radio. What a ride it has been. Literally one of the best days of my young life when I was able to sign up for the lifetime DF membership after CL dropped! It’s hard to say concisely just what this band means to me but goddamn if their music hasn’t been a constant source of comfort and joy the whole while. 

Teenage revelation

Springfield, Missouri, US

I was 15 & really discovering my own taste in music when decemberunderground came out. I was watching my favorite channel for music videos & “Miss Murder” started. Absolutely captivated. I immediately needed to hear everything I could from AFI. My mom only regretted buying that CD bc she had to hear it so much. All these years later, I am still captivated every time I hear something from them. I still have all the tshirts and posters from my teenage years, & I hope to one day see them live.

Black Sails to Bodies….here’s to 30 more years!

Salt Lake City, US

I’ve never understood it when people say “AFI? I used to listen to that band….” Some music just stays with you for life (and nobody has the passion like AFI). Shot this picture when I took my brother to see you on the CrashLove tour in 2009….the venue has since been razed, but we’ll never forget that show. We’ll be in the crowd again when you come this March; Thanks for the music and the memories; Each record a work of art……I’ll be listening until the day I die…

Warped Tour 2006 Noblesville, Indiana

South Bend, IN, US

It was my first large show, my friends gave me a ride, I was 15. I knew many of the bands attending, but couldn’t wait to see AFI for the first time. I waited patiently as the crowd grew around me and my friends. The band took the stage, and the crowd rushed forward, I was a pretty small kid, and I was beginning to get pushed pretty hard, then a guy next to me yells “bring her up!” And suddenly, I’m floating over the crowd towards the front! A split second, and I got to look Davy straight in the eyes, before a guard escorted me away. I watched the show from the side, and sang my heart out to every song. 🖤


Austin, Texas, US

I discovered AFI when I was in high school & absolutely fell in love. My best friend surprised me with concert tickets! This would be tricky because my dad was very strict. The conversation quickly fell apart when he shut me down completely on the way to school-the answer was NO. We cried all day, I was shattered. 13 years later I finally got to see my favorite band. Not as heavy eyeliner teen but as a grumpy 30 year old. WORTH THE WAIT!

I have a memory…

San marcos, US

Of actually liking this band.

Love ,

Your favorite Jew Girl

First and only time seeing afi

Ogden utah, US

First time I saw afi was not long after black sails came out. Watched them play at a festival in utah mid 99-00 WOW I was impressed been in love with the band ever since

Answer That and…

Monument, Colorado , US

San Jose. 1995. My mom had recently moved to Colorado and I stayed behind in California because I didn’t want to move. I didn’t know anyone in San Jose. It was lonely. The thing that helped me get through this time was music and skateboarding. There was a new band that I heard toured with Rancid, AFI. I picked up Answer That and Stay Fashionable. My 13 year old self was in heaven. The album spoke to me. I would listen to the album and go skate by myself. It helped me find myself. I’ve loved AFI ever since. Eventually I followed my mom to Colorado and started telling people about AFI, they were so new that no one knew of them. I had Very Proud of Ya in my locker and someone stole it. The next morning File 13 was played on the morning High School television show. At least my stolen album went to good use. Much love!

Irvine, Ca 2018

Phoenix, Az, US

September 30, 2018 I found out while on vacation to see AFI, That our IVF journey and our 1 embryo was a girl!  Thanksgiving day 2018 it was confirmed I was pregnant, and that one embryo split into two, and I have identical twin daughters! I think the excitement from seeing my favorite band made my miracles happen!

First AFI Show – Warped Tour 2001

Euless, US

In 2001, I had a chance to finally see AFI live at Warped Tour. There, I got to meet Adam, Jade, and Hunter. I also got my Black Sails CD booklet signed by Adam, Jade, and Hunter.

Best Show of My Life

Cookeville, US

I’m not one to lament the woes of my difficulties in life but I was going through a particularly difficult time in my life which lead to a massive depression. I had tickets to a show at the House of Blues in Cleveland during the Burials era and your energy and the energy surging through that crowd were exactly what I needed to snap me back into a place of calm.

That’s how it’s always been with this band for me a place to revel in darkness, to love my hate, loose my faith and become part of the dark flame over and over again.

Gilman Forever!

Willits, California, US

March 29, 1996 at the Gilman in Berkeley. Went with a friend who knew the folks in AFI and Tiger Army. My first time seeing AFI live. My first time at the Gilman. The most amazing live show I have seen (to date too!). So much energy. So much fire! Will remain in my memory forever.

Starry Night

one of those 50 states, US

It was early 2000’s, a heyday of rebels without a cause finding out there were real causes for being rebels. I enjoyed art and was exploring the possibilities of digital animation with Flash software, which lead me to create an account on Newgrounds where bad animation was welcome. My practice sessions in Flash were posted and got enough attention from people that haters sprang up with the fans. One hater was this guy with a huge ego (no surprise there) that had a good number of followers, since he was a jealous boy he flung a desperate insult at me, but I took it as a challenge to create another award winning movie.

What I decided on was “Starry Night”, an artistic rendition of AFI’s emotionally movie “The Leaving Song Pt. II”.
Published here: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/807633?updated=1639590781

Bringing people together

Coloma, MI, US

The first song I heard by AFI was girls not grey as a kid. Ever since I have been a fan. When I met my husband we bonded over listening to you as well. So thank you for that. We even got to go to a show together once but didn’t take any photos. Congrats on 30!

Thank you

Ogden, UT, US

I could remember being 12 years old and hearing Girl’s not grey for the first time, then Decemberunderground immediately dropped. Your music got me through all of middle and high school, and for most of my life up to current. I swear you guys have a song for everything that happens in life, and thank you for being my soundtrack all this time ❤️❤️❤️ Through our bleeding, we are one. 

Played for a place to stay

Kelowna British Columbia, CA

1998 and AFI just released Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes.  You guys played in my hometown of Kelowna at a place locals called the Grey Barn but it is officially Okanagan Mission Community Hall.  You started the gig with A Single Second and ended with Last Caress.  Such a great show.  About halfway through Davey yelled we are playing for a place to stay tonight.  My buddies parents had a big acreage.  We helped you pack up after the show, hung out and partied all night.

I wanna get a mohawk, I might have disobeyed…

sacramento, US

To say your music changed my life would be an understatement, I was that angsty 10 year old you sang about, a kid who fell in love with punk music and got a mohawk despite parental protests. I still rock the ‘hawk today. Your albums are among my most listened to, now and forever.

Meeting my favorite band of all time

Las Vegas, NV, US

On February 18th, 2017, I finally got to meet the band I have worshipped since I was 12 years old. More than half of a lifetime later they are still the coolest band in the world and hold the dearest part of my heart. I was so awe struck and tongue tied that I could barely speak. It was a surreal experience that felt completely euphoric and out of body for me. In retrospect, I feel I had done a disservice by not explaining how much they changed my life with their music so I hope I can rectify this in the future with another meet up one day. They all graciously signed a ton of my AFI collection which I still have framed. After the show I got a tattoo where Davey signed my arm to celebrate this absolute privilege and monumental occasion. If they read this, I hope they know how much their music has helped me brave this world and to be comfortable being myself. Thank you for the last 30 years ❤️‍🔥

I offer grace, I offer blood, I offer everything till my heart is crystal clear

Las Vegas, NV, US

Growing up in a strict religious family of was incredibly difficult when you’ve decided you want to live your life the way you want and not by how your parents want or how god supposedly wants you to. AFI’s music resonated with me in a way nothing else ever had. AFI was there for me and helped me through and when I needed help to carry on. Decades later, I still have them to thank for giving me strength. 

When I was 13 I saw AFI live for the first time with Bleeding Through in Las Vegas and my life was forever changed. My stepdad was able to buy us tickets from Ebay after the show had sold out which I’m sure was not cheap at all but I was eternally grateful. It was extremely worth it and meant everything to me both then as a teen and especially now. 

10 years later in 2003 I went to see them again here in Las Vegas. This time with Touché Amoré. I finally repaid my stepdad by getting him a ticket this time. Less than a year later he passed away but I’m grateful that I was able to take him to the show this time around. These are memories I’ll always treasure. Just like a fire inside of me, I keep his  memory alive in my heart. My love for AFI burns stronger than ever. Happy 30th Anniversary AFI. Through our bleeding, we are one 🔥


Jasper, alabama, US

I knew about you guys somewhat before, but I can remember really falling in love with Silver and Cold first when it had started to come on fuse tv. I was beyond adoration once I had learned every word. The whole vibe of the video was like an autobiography of how I looked and lived my life at the time as a shy outcast yearning to be in love just for love’s sake. I was deep in my goth and metal days, and spent my time going to local metal shows in conservative southeast Georgia (waycross). We had a good group of hardcore kids and we really adored you guys.

As the years have passed, I fell more in love with this band album by album. Your tunes and lyrics seem to capture elements of being a human like no other band. You guys are like angels. I hope you know that your hearts are very beautiful. Many songs like this time imperfect, silver and cold, morning star, endlessly, she said, caught, and the like have just wrapped me up in a romance with your sound, very much like that romantic feeling I get from listening to The Cure’s pictures of you. Yall know that is saying something! Thank you for sharing your art with us all for so many wonderful years,  and I hope to see you guys for the first time one day.

AFI & Deftones

Knoxville, TN, US

Around 2003 I received a Wal-mart gift card for either my birthday or Christmas. I went to Wal-mart with a friend and bought AFI’s Sing the Sorrow and Deftones self-titled (the one with the skull on the cover) We’d pretend to run into other cars when the first song kicked in so heavy haha. But anyways those 2 cds stayed in my cd player for pretty much that entire year.

Also seeing AFI in 2010 in Knoxville, when y’all coming back? Knoxville doesn’t get good shows anymore.

Yo he estado aquí, muchas veces antes…


I remember being in my early teen years when I got the notice from my best friend that AFI was coming to México. It happens that by that time I lived at the south of the country and off course had no budget and no permission to go by myself to see my favorite band of all times. There was not much I could do, but to spend most of classes looking through the window imagining you guys coming to my high school and giving this blast of a concert on the rooftop of my building.

This photo reminds me a lot of those teenage years when I wanted to find a way to send all the stuff I made about you guys to let you know how grateful I was (and still am) for opening my mind to a very genuine and sincere sound. Seems like now is the right time.

Happy anniversary guys 🖤

I remain, and shadows growing wings.

Santa Cruz California , US

From the very beginning I have been a fan of this band. Seeing them at venues like Gilman Street, downstairs vets Hall in Santa Cruz, to Palookaville and the Catalyst, Haunting of the bay at Slims (RIP) secret shows under secret names, double shows at the Santa Cruz Vets Hall, The Living Room, and countless other venues. Better time we’re hard to find. I first met Davey Havok, sometime in the late 90s at what was no doubt a Numbskull Productions show. He was sweet and kind then, as he is now. Eventually I started working for Numbskull Productions, and over the years we have done countless shows for them at many different venues across the state of California. I can remember being backstage hanging out at the Catalyst, or Palookaville, or interviewing the band for a ‘zine I was doing at the time, or watching bands play from the crowd hanging out with Davey and Smith or Adam, at warp tour in Ventura or anywhere else. Over the years I’ve ran into all the members of this band in different places, record stores, random shows, etc. None of them have changed in character or personality through these past 30 years. I’ve loved this band from the beginning. I still love this band today. I like to think that I am one of the one in one 1000 acquainted. As many others are as well. I’ve tattooed myself with their lyrics and other images, collected all the merchandise in the vinyl. And there isn’t a song on any record that isn’t cathartic and comforting, when I hear it, and I always want to sing along. So thank you for all the music inspiration and friendship over these past 30 years. Here’s to another 30. AFI Forever. Through our bleeding we are one. Beyond and to all time I stand. From here to forever it’s Will I will follow. XXX

That first taste

Austin, Texas, US

I’ll never forget the first time I heard AFI. It was the fall semester of my junior year of college. I was hanging out with a new friend from the opera production and they put on some music once we finished rehearsing. The opening track of Sing the Sorrow came on. I stopped in my tracks. I was hooked from that first phrase. I had to sit down and listen to the entire album at that moment. I had no idea who AFI was before that moment and I’ve been a fan ever since. decemberunderground literally saved my life. I listened to that CD so much I had to buy another copy. I’ve loved all their music and their “older stuff” (to me) evens gets to me. They’re one of my top 5 bands. When the blood album came out, I knew I had to get a tattoo to pay homage to them and my two favorite albums of theirs. So now I share a photo of my tattoo with y’all. I know a lot of you will appreciate it as much as I do. 🩸🖤

Lucky Socks

Texas, US

I found AFI when I was about 9 years old and loved them since then. When I was a sophomore in high school my mom got me a pair of AFI socks. I wore them all the time. The same day I got them I met the guy that would be my boyfriend, who I am still dating today. I introduced him to AFI and now we have tickets to see their newest concert. I am so excited!

Long Beach, CA, US

I discovered AFI around early 2006, I’ll always remember it. The video for “silver and cold” came on when watching fuse tv and I was interested ever since!! I later discovered the songs “girl’s not grey” and “miss murder” starting getting huge traction on the radio & tv. I was hooked! Later in the year, I gained access to limewire & downloaded all of AFI’s discography. A live performance from 1999 of “god called in sick today” with a great purple hue was my daily morning routine to watch while I got ready for school. Then the biggest moment of my life happened when my wonderful aunt took me & my sister to watch AFI here in my hometown at the Long Beach arena for the decemberunderground tour. It was my very first concert ever & I’m so happy to say, it was one of the best performances ever!!! AFI’s music has been there for me in every aspect of my life. I love the feeling of hearing and watching the progress & evolution of AFI’s music grow with me over the years. I can’t wait to see you  guys again in 2022 with my aunt & sister again!! Davey, Jade, Adam & hunter. You guys mean so much to me & love you all immensely!!! Thank for all the music & what you’ve done for us fans. Through our bleeding, we are one! 🤘🏼🖤🔥