The beginning of…

Mexico City , MX

I don’t have many memories about AFI, I would like to have more.

One of the only ones they I have is the day that I discovered their existence.

Was a normal day in May 2006 , like every day, me and my sister would return from high school at 2pm, We turn on the television to look for something interesting to watch on tv. That day, there were not many homework and we watched “The 10 most requested” an MTV program in Mexico, where they broadcast the ten music videos most requested by fans. That day among the most requested videos they mentioned AFI with the song “Miss murder”, when we watched the video , we watched a boy with medium short hair, he sang and had a black bunny in his hands. The beat was pretty cool, the catchy chorus with a dark aura. What struck us the most was the way he screamed, we liked it so much that later days we went to an “internet cafe” to look for information about the band, we looked for the songs translated into Spanish, to understand the lyrics of the song. We printed some images for our notebooks and every day we looked forward to seeing the program, obviously always wanting to see them in the first positions, they were so good, that they deserved no less. We always searched among the other music channels, to see if they showed any of their videos. We begged our mother to buy us the album “Decemberunderground”, as we didn’t have much money, she could only buy us one for both of us. And later she gave us the dvd “I heard a voice.” Every day we listened to it without exception. Sadly, I was never able to attend their events that took place in Mexico. I was small enough to go and as a teenager, I only had money to go to school. Now as an adult and earning my own money, I hope I can see them, there is not a day that I don’t think about it. I am infinitely grateful to have known them, the impact that they have caused is incredible, because they have taught me not to stop and pursue my dreams, always with passion. Well, I had already given up. I’m still working on it. It is never too late to do what you really love. They inspire me to keep doing what I love: drawing.

Thanks AFI! 🖤🇲🇽


Toledo,OH, US

I listened for years. Your ever evolving aesthetic soothes me. December Underground and its aesthetic appeared just in time.Something about that album and that aesthetic spoke to me. That tour, oh my god. You are such a sight to experience. Thank you for capturing an experience. Thank you for this. A Fire Inside  Thank you for the beauty  Thank you for the honesty. Thank you, just thank you. Ohhhhh!


Toledo, US

I encountered AFI within a definitive split in life. Morningstar derailed me. December Underground sparked something in me.Even I Hope You Suffer allowed me to quiet the especially daunting words and memories. Beyond the measure of tone and delivery of Davey’s words and the evolution of the band:s sound, I find solace.I have seen you live in Detroit, Chicago and Portland and will see you again in March. Thank you for your dedication. Thank you for your craft. Thank you 

Elementary Rock

Chillicothe OH, US

One of my favorite memories is probably the first of many i have where AFI is involved

My mother would play all of her “edgy” music (as first grade me would call it) I always remember listening to Miss Murder on the way to school DAILY! My love for AFI only grew as I got older, their music getting me through some of the hardest times in my life. 

Im proud to be a life long fan of AFI and a current DF member. 

Best friends

Washington, D.C., US

After being friends for well over a decade, my best friend Desi and I finally had the chance to see AFI together. If not for this band that saved us both, we would never had met. Getting a chance to tell Adam thank you was a dream. He was so lovely and it’s a night I’ll never forget.

Meet and greet with your favourites

Brisbane, Queensland, AU

Meeting your favourite band or celebrity doesn’t always work out the way you imagine it in your head.

Meeting AFI did.

They were humble and chatty and genuinely interacted with the small group of us who won a meet and greet at their September 2017 show in Eatons Hill in Brisbane. The memory is one I’ll cherish forever.

They then went on to play a killer show turning my husband, who came with me, from someone who knew a few songs because his wife always had them on to fully impressed, those guys have got the complete package fan.

Here’s to another 30 years. 


Dallas, TX, US

I was late to this party. I honestly didn’t think I was young enough or cool enough to belong at an AFI concert when I bought tickets to see them for the first time back in 2009. I am so glad I didn’t let self-doubt stop me. From that night on, I have been to as many AFI shows as possible. My home is on that rail, screaming along with my AFI family. I’m going to love the guys forever for the music and for creating a place I belong. 

Lifelong fan


I’ve unfortunately never had the chance to come see AFI 🙁 but I’ll never forget sitting at my friends house one Sat morning, watching MTV and Girls Not Grey came on. I said, “man i really like this.” And that same wkend,I got my mom to take me to get CDs. I was 15. I’m 30 now and still a huge fan. Someday I WILL come rock out! 

2 Generations of AFI

Saskatoon, SK, CA

When I first heard of AFI through the Offspring, I searched local record stores in an attempt to purchase their albums but to no avail. I mentioned it in passing and my uncle said “Well I have AFI CDs, in fact, I met them”. Next time I saw him, he handed me ATASF and VPOY. The rest is history. 

Bakersfield Meet & Greet 2006

San Jose, CA, US

This was a DF meet&greet I won before a concert in Bakersfield. I drove there by myself from the Bay day of and drove back home after the concert. I had Davey sign behind my ear and got it tattooed the next day. 🤘

An evening in Providence

Barre, VT, US

Over the past decade and a half, I’ve been lucky enough to meet the band several times. Each moment was unique and will be remembered – especially the time that Adam showed his incredible generosity and gave the HQ team sets of drumsticks used on AFI (The Blood Album), and let me have the sticks from “Dark Snow”.

But as much as that evening will forever stick in my mind, my absolute favorite moment wasn’t one where I even met the band. It was May 28th, 2010, and 3 of my New England DF friends made the trek to Providence, RI, to see AFI play an outdoor skating rink.

Not only was AFI playing, but so were Violent Soho (another favorite of mine) and an unknown band – at the time – called New Politics. Both support acts were great, but in the end it was the atmosphere of this show that set it apart.

AFI absolutely killed it that night. As the springtime heat faded into a cool, damp evening, the band tore through a set that included the first time I got to see “I Am Trying Very Hard To Be Here” and the last time I saw them play “Death of Seasons”. Something about experiencing that song out in the open was truly amazing.

It was also my first time seeing any major show outside rather than in a stuffy venue, and 11 years later is still one of my favorite shows of all time. I doubt it will ever leave my top 3. That is one show I could relive over and over and never get bored of.

A buck short but made it

Murrieta, California , US

Been a fan a few years by the time of this show. Broke and a last minute thought with no ticket! Afi fans are the dopest so was able to score a ticket outside and lucky enough to make it in time for Hunter to sign my stub! 

Keylime pie, a cat in boots, and a creature only Davey could design

Chicago, Illinois, US

I’ve traveled to so many cities thanks to your concerts. I’ve made so many friends thanks to the DF boards. I was able to survive thanks to your music. The impact of AFI on my life is indescribable.

I jokingly asked if you’d draw something instead of an autograph… you surpassed my expectations.

21 years of eternal gratitude

Buffalo, NY, US

I can vividly remember buying The Art of Drowning as a freshman in college in 2000.  Older friends of mine had made me aware of AFI, but until then I hadn’t really gotten into them.  That album just blew me away, and still does.  The combination of aggression and melody was like nothing I had heard before then.  I immediately bought all of the older albums, and have been with you guys throughout your progression since.  My half-sleeve of AOD and All Hallow’s artwork is a constant reminder of how influential your music has been for me over the last two decades.  Here’s to another 30 boys!  And come back to Buffalo!

We are the wakeful, wry and watchful

Buffalo, NY, US

Forgot to include a picture of my tat!

My 2010 college admissions essay about my love for AFI

Madison, WI, US

First heard AFI in elementary school in 2001, started following them in middle school, continued to be a fan in high school, wrote my college admissions essay about AFI in 2010, and now in 2021 AFI continues to inspire me in graduate school as I finish my PhD.

… But Your Fire Makes It All Worthwhile

Clarks Summit, PA, US

You guys are such role models who have taught so much about integrity & have been the brightest light in my darkest moments for 15+ years…I can’t thank all 4 of you enough for that. ❤️‍🔥 I have too many memories for one post: my first show in ’06, ’09 Scranton signing, meeting Jade and Davey at/backstage after ‘American Idiot!!’, watching side stage in ’13 & the recent short film+Q&A are only some of the highlights. I can’t even try to count the many, many times you’ve saved me in these 15+ years – I can never thank you enough. You bring me so much inspiration & have greatly impacted my life. Your ethos taught me so much & your music inspires me everyday. It’s been 30 years, 11 records, but Bodies is likely my favorite; every single track slaps.


The art of drowning

Jacksonville, US

I’ve called a lot of bands favorites over the years.  But none hold a place in my heart like AFI.  My high school sweetheart bought tickets for us to see them in Pittsburgh around 2002-2003.  Show opened with the lost souls.  Davey running and jumping into the crowd while he sang the opening verse.  From that point I was hooked.  

I would bore you with all the memories since and all the songs you’ve made that meant so much to me.  

So I’ll just close with this.  Davey, you’re the coolest damn frontman I’ve ever seen.  30 years and youve never lost a step.  Freddie Mercury would surely have you down as one of his favorites if he was still with us I’m sure.   

Saved from the darkness

Colorado springs, colorado , US

My teens where a hard and dark time for me, I always struggled with depression and dysphoria. I always found meaning and purpose through music. AFI was always on my playlist from the early punk to the newer EMO music. After all these years i will finally see them live next year! Love all you do!

My Long-Awaited AFI Tattoo

Austin, TX, US

After years of mulling AFI tattoo ideas over in my head, I finally landed on this design. I wanted something a little more feminine than the traditional artwork. It combines the artwork of my favorite albums, The Art of Drowning and Decemberunderground. I hope y’all love it as much as I do!

Meeting Adam at a Vegan Food Truck

Austin, TX, US

After a show at Stubb’s in Austin, we went around the corner to grab some vegan food. Aren’t I lucky that the boys are vegan?! My friend past me walking and subtly said, “Kelly, don’t freak out, but Adam is behind us.” So naturally, I turned around and freaked out. We invited him to sit and chat with us while we waited for our food, and he did. We talked about their tour, music, movies, and specifically Childish Gambino. Hands down one of the best nights of my life!

Still Free

Merrillville , US

Every weekend in highschool we’d get together at a friends house, the whole block. Kids would skate, we’d blast music, & just hang. So many laughs, just being kids.That was the 1st time i got introduced to your music. I always felt so free & careless listening to your music there. Home life was stressful, & I never felt like I fit in there or at school being, one of a couple Hispanic students in the whole school. When we were there rockin out on those weekends.. We all fit in. Didn’t matter how crappy our home lives were, how good we were doing in school, if we had money. We fit in, we belonged. We all related and united under something we loved your music.  I really hold on to that. That feeling, of just being free…belonging no matter what situation arises even as I grow older. So thank you for that. Much love❤️

Half my life with AFI

Sydney Australia , AU

When I was 14 I was introduced to AFI by a friend. The moment I heard AFI I fell in love instantly. The first album I ever owed was art of drowning, this album got me through many tough times and still remains an album I always turn too. Sing the sorrow is another iconic album which is the sound track of my life. Every album AFI have released I have connected with  

I’ve been to every AFI show in Sydney since 2005. Headlining and festival shows. I had the privilege of interviewing Davey and Jade on triple J (aus radio station) in 2014 for the Burials tour. 

I am now 31 and I can still say AFI are my favourite band of all time. Thank you for the countless memories and authentic music you bring into the world. 

The Best Birthday

San Marcos, TX, US

I thought my 25th birthday would be my last. To my surprise, it turned out to be my very best. After the concert, for the very first time, I got to meet all of AFI. I teared up in front of Davey and was able to explain that it was a very special day for me. He wished me a happy birthday and even complimented my makeup. I couldn’t have imagined a better way to end my night. 

Care Packages

San Francisco, CA, US

I served in the US Army from September 2002 until January 2009. Decemberunderground was released in the middle of my first deployment to Iraq.

I had already been a fan for years and eagerly watched the Mystery unfold during my brief periods of Internet access, but I wasn’t able to participate directly.

However, my close friends and family all knew that I was an AFI fan and reacted accordingly – by sending AFI-themed care packages.

Magazines, picture discs, concert merch, fan art… pretty much any piece of DU shwag that could fit in a flat rate box found its way to Baghdad that summer.

I’m on the Autism spectrum, so my behavior is a bit unusual and I have trouble interpreting social cues. As such, I’ve always felt isolated from the rest of society – a feeling that was magnified exponentially when I went overseas and was cut off from all the weirdos who actually liked me. AFI’s music and the kindness demonstrated by both friends and strangers helped to make that year a little less bleak.

The photo you see here is a copy of Decemberunderground that a friend got signed for me when she went backstage at BFD. I kept it by my bunk throughout both of my deployments as a reminder that someone cared enough about me to schlep backstage and get that thing signed.

Awkward Angsty Teen Years

Atlanta, GA, US

December Underground came out when I was 16. My then boyfriend sent me Prelude 12/21 via IM, which took hours to download via dial-up. I had to sneak to listen to it (strict parents), then later skipped school to go to FYE one town over to buy the CD, which I had to hide between layers of Mercy Me & Vivaldi. This album was my constant through my angsty, awkward teen years, and remains an album I enjoy revisiting as an adult. (I had to buy a new copy as I wore the old one out.)

A cute boy

Oakland, CA, US

A boy from church that I had a crush on burnt me a copy of the album and wrote the titles of it on the front of the disc. It was a part of my birthday present. I listened to it every day for years. 

AFI through the years

Las Vegas, US

I’ve been going to AFI shows since 1999. I was friends with a few bands that toured with them throughout the years. One time they asked if I could drive their gear up to Fresno for a show,  obviously I did. The show was at an old elks lodge. Since Davey is vegan it was quite an interesting show with animal heads all over the room. 

Another time my friend called and said Hunters car broke down and asked if he could crash at mine and my roommates place a couple days 😲 We went to Tower records that night and he road in my truck. When he got in and I was gonna start it I was praying AFI wasn’t blasting… that would have been embarrassing! 

The First Show

Reed City, MI, US

My first concert was AFI (2010) and it couldn’t have been more surreal. Before the show, I snuck away for Adam’s autograph(Very patient and kind!) and later, had an angelic Davey in my arms as he leaned over me to sing. The energy there was a spiritual one, where everyone felt like very old friends.

I grew up with you guys!!!

Phoenix, US

I just want you to know how special your music has been throughout my life. You always inspire me and show me there is beauty in the darkness.

I have been to several shows and festivals and will continue to support you!!!

Through our bleeding, we are one

Curitiba, PR, BR

I haven’t met or seen the band live (yet, hopefully this will change very soon!) but over the last 15 years, whether I’ve been happy, sad, tired, anxious or just want to appreciate good music, AFI has always been there for me. Many memories are tied to your songs for me. Your music have left an indelible mark on my soul (and skin!) and I’ll be forever grateful for you and everything you’ve done and still do for us. Happy 30 years, here’s to another 30!

Sing the Sorrow – the most memorable

Tucson, US

My first AFI album was Black Sails in the Sunset. However, I was listening to it after AOD was released and right before STS was being released. I remember listening to BSITS right before chemistry class. I was so proud that I blasted the stereo high enough so that passengers could hear it. In April, 2003, I went to AFI’s STS tour at the Rialto in Tucson, AZ. I was dressed in this fairy/rockabilly shirt, a short skirt and these glasses that I had just got. I put my hair in spikes and a bandana. When AFI got on stage, I screamed so loud that others gave me scared looks.I remember Davey had just crowd surfed and apparently someone groped him because he said: “Don’t grab my balls. It really hurts!” The next show I went to was KFMA day at the rodeo grounds. I squinted at Davey because the sun was in my eyes. Davey had costume make-up on, like a ghoul. I missed the next concert because I was in the hospital. I went to the Burials show next, in Tempe with my sister. I missed my fav song, Ever and a Day because I was smoking outside – what a bummer. That was the last AFI show I’d seen. I already have tickets for Bodies. I’ve been to one Blaqk Audio concert, Only the Things we Love. It was so fun!

Love Like Winter

Hobart, Tasmania, AU

I vividly remember my first encounter w your music – I was watching jtv (mtv for australia) and had gone to the freezer to get an ice cream when I heard the opening bars of love like winter and I turned back to the tv and just stood there, mouth open, while the fridge beeped at me to shut the door. 13yo me had never seen or heard anything so beautiful. Ever since then your music (including blaqk audio) has always been there for me, most recently when I was hospitalised for over a year for various reasons. Anyway thank you, I love you guys and your music and always will x

Grew up with good music..

Tucson, Arizona, US

DECEMBERUNDERGROUND came out exactly 1 day and 1 year after I was born, and I have so many fond memories of my parents playing it in the car when I was little. It’s still my favorite album to this day. 

When I met AFI for the first time after 15 years

Modena, IT

Being an AFI fan in Italy it’s not easy. I’m a fan since 2003 and saw them live in Milan the 5/5/07. Incredible thing is that the 5/5/17 I met them in London winning a M&G thanks to Afi HQ. Best day of my whole life (and they signed my arm so I could ink their names too)!

Philly, 2006

Philadelphia, PA, US

After many years of loving this band, 2006 was the first time I got to see them. I remember losing my mind to totalimmortal. Thanks y’all.

Life Changing

Warrington, PA, US

I fell in love with Miss Murder. That song changed my music taste forever. I started listening to past albums, have every one since. Crash Love came out on my birthday and I couldn’t have been more excited. I’ve never loved a band more. 

Warped Tour 2003 – Jade

Austin, US

Jade complimented my Joan Jett shirt and it broke my 17 year old brain

Toronto, 2017

Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA

In 2017, I flew to Toronto for the Blood tour. I had been a DF member since 2007, but I had not yet had the opportunity to see AFI headlining. Watching my favourite band perform a headlining show from the front row made it well worth the wait, and I hope to see AFI the next time they come to Canada.

My sister saw Jade and Davey eating somewhere in Berkeley

Los Angeles, US

Whether it was outright hardcore influence or blindly buying records because any of them were wearing a shirt, or any of them happened to namedrop some band in an interview, my entire pop music taste draws from this band! I remember blasting Skid Row much to my parents’ chagrin, all because Davey mentioned Sebastian Bach in a Nardwuar interview.

Late 90s-early 00s is the era I was most into, just found out this past Halloween that an older coworker of mine was a fan when I wore my Fall Children shirt to work. He told me a story about how he almost saw you guys. His pal had two tickets to some show in LA after The Art of Drowning dropped. The friend was extra dumb and drove them out to the place a week earlier than the concert. They drove up into an empty parking lot wondering what was going on lol.

The new wreckord is slapping tho 


Michigan, US

I first listened to decemberunderground at work when my manager told me to. he’s a huge fan and pretty much forced me to lol, been a fan ever since <3

Warped Tour 2004 – Smith

Austin, US

Smith later climbed into an ice machine to cool off from Florida and its awful humid weather. Then he signed my shoe…. which I still have

Warped Tour 2003 – Davey

Austin, US

Awkward 17 year old me had been hanging out with Scruffy from the Dropkick Murphies all day. After this photo I asked Davey if he had seen Scruffy so I could talk with him more but I was scared to ask anything of Davey (teenagers are fucking weird) so I mumbled and had to ask him 3 times before he heard me. I’m sure I was beet red by the time he understood me.

Warped Tour 2003 – Adam

Austin, US

I didn’t know how to walk up and just say hi to Adam, so I just sat on the curb close to him and scooted ever so unsubtly towards him until he said hi and asked for a cigarette.

How I knew it was okay

Grand Rapids, MI, US

When I was in middle school when I found AFI. I would secretly listen on my mp3 player when my parents weren’t home or asleep. I finally was able to watch a music video and seeing Davey have eye makeup made me so happy. It was the first time I saw a person not designated woman at birth wear it and it made feel like it was okay. Thank you so much. 


Oakdale, California , US

Every time I hear a song from December Underground I’m mentally and emotionally transported back to a time when I was genuinely happy. This album means so much to me and has gotten me through some extremely rough and dark times.

Besties house

King, North Carolina, US

So my memory goes not too far back in my life but I remember I was 14 years old. I had spent a weekend at my best friends house who I had been like sisters with since 2nd grade lol. How time flies… anyway, I was hanging out with her and got bored and wanted to hear some music. Then she showed me her CD collection it ranged from yall (AFI) to many other bands like The Used, Shinedown, My Chemical Romance, Simple Plan and many other bands but something about yalls album cover that just intrigued me it just caught my eye and from then I found Miss Murder, Love Like Winter and those became like anthems for most of my days as a teen haha and then anything else yall had put out needless to say I had started my own CD Collection and had to have anything yall put out or any other great bands but the  December Undergroud record started it all for me as a rock music fan so also in this memory I wanna say Thank You for being a huge part in myself finding my love and heart for Rock music 🤘🤘🤘

20 years of memories

Quebec , CA

2001, I was 16 1st song i heard was total was playing in musiqueplus(like mtv) loved the song. Downloaded more songs off of limewire ( I’ve since bought all albums) loved everything I head and 20 years later still a huge fan

I was told a story of crushed velvet, candle wax, and dried up flowers

California, US

I was a senior in high school and never expected to be allowed to make the almost 200 mile journey to a tiny, 300 person venue to see a band I absolutely loved. Imagine the shock when I was given the green light…I was going to see AFI! My friend and I jumped in his tiny car, singing along with Joy Division, Bauhaus, The Cure, Siouxsie & the Banshee, and, for course, AFI the whole way. I remember trembling as we moved into the venue and pushed our ways up to the front. The opening bands were great and entertained us with originals and covers of songs like White Wedding, but my focus was on the main event. They stepped onto this tiny stage with such an energy, it was breathtaking. The chanting began…”Through our bleeding, we are one!” Unifying. Beautiful. Enchanting. Needless to say, I was captivated from the moment they stepped onstage. The teaser came and they left the stage, only to be provoked to return and play a few more for an enthralled crowd. That evening, I was told a story of crushed velvet, candle wax, and dried up flowers that I will never forget. 

Warped Tour 2006!

Katy, TX, US

My first time hearing anything by AFI was at Warped Tour 2006, in Houston, TX. A couple of friends from out of town let me tag along with them to Warped Tour in exchange for letting them crash at my house. From the moment y’all hit the stage, I absolutely fell in love with your music and have been a fan ever since.