Meeting my favorite band of all time

On February 18th, 2017, I finally got to meet the band I have worshipped since I was 12 years old. More than half of a lifetime later they are still the coolest band in the world and hold the dearest part of my heart. I was so awe struck and tongue tied that I could barely speak. It was a surreal experience that felt completely euphoric and out of body for me. In retrospect, I feel I had done a disservice by not explaining how much they changed my life with their music so I hope I can rectify this in the future with another meet up one day. They all graciously signed a ton of my AFI collection which I still have framed. After the show I got a tattoo where Davey signed my arm to celebrate this absolute privilege and monumental occasion. If they read this, I hope they know how much their music has helped me brave this world and to be comfortable being myself. Thank you for the last 30 years ❤️‍🔥