the best era

Kings Park, NY, US

I was 12 years old and traveled 5 hours upstate to Albany with my best friend for my first ever concert which was of course an AFI show. I had gotten into them May 2006 from the MTV Movie Awards when I heard Miss Murder and I’ve been here ever since. I will never forget this night. It was incredible. I remember noticing Smith too and I was so stoked to meet him and gave him a fist bump. I wish I could relive this night! My feelings for this band will never change. One of the best eras of AFI in my opinion. The secret shows, the five flowers mystery and the secretive MySpaces. Love you guys!

AFI Helped Me Come Out

Lampasas, TX, US

In 2020 I realized I was trans (nonbinary now).Coming out and learning to accept myself was a very difficult process, and as cliché as it sounds, the music of AFI (and Blaqk Audio) was very emotionally helpful.

Exchanged a phone for front row tickets!

Mexico City, MX

It was 2007, they were touring in support of Decemberunderground. This was their second time in Mexico City and I had missed them in 2003. Me and my friends got tickets to see them and were very excited, AFI was playing two nights but I only had a ticket for the first night. I got there and had a great time, by chance I met a guy who was selling a ticket for the second night front row and was asking 1500 pesos (about 140 dollars) and I said to him that I’d give him a cellphone for the ticket, a Sony Ericsson, very modern and nice for 2007. He agreed but I didn’t have the phone with me so I told him to meet with me at the venue the next day. I got there and after an hour trying to find him I saw him about to sell the ticket for 1000 pesos to a guy. I told him I had the phone and he kept his word. 

This may seem like a pointless story, but that was one of the greatest nights of my life. I was able to see my favourite band up close and interacted with them a lot. I took some fantastic pics and they played an awesome set list that began with Miseria Cantare, a song they didn’t perform live again until 2017. 

I have so many find memories with their music and concerts, but wanted to share a simple one that makes me happy every time I think back to. 

Escaping Los Angels

Winter Park, FL, US

Escape from Los Angeles was released, and a week later my husband and I moved 3,000 miles away from CA. Talk about perfect timing. 

First Love Rock Band

Daytona Beach, Florida, US

When I first saw “Girls Not Grey” on Fuse/MTV, I was struck with awe. This beautiful feeling never left me. AFI led me to deeply fall in love with music. To see them still absolutely crushing it to this day, is an inspiration like no other. A Fire Inside for life. -Bill

Congratulations on 30!

San Tan Valley, AZ, US

AFI was easily my favorite band growing up. I have met a few people just from going to shows and being fans, and a lot of fun was had. I wanted to share this snap shot of a single year of AFI, for me. I stood in line overnight to get tickets to the record release show for StS and then caught a bunch more shows for the rest of the year. 

I believe I saw Death By Stereo 3 times that weekend of Nov 2, because they did a benefit show on Thursday or Friday, then I saw them open for AFI that weekend. That was rad. 
The show at the Palladium was great and I remember a girl I met from standing in the STS line was there and she showed me where to hang out and meet the band after the show. I had the whole band and Nick 13 sign my shirt and Adam signed the ticket. 
I don’t have one specific memory that’s better than any other, but AFI is easily the band of my youth and I am filled with great memories. Congratulations on 30!

Over A Decade of Memories

Denver, Colorado, US

I learned about AFI in high school and since then I knew I wanted a tattoo of them, and I spent over 10 years trying to come up with something that truly expressed something for me. I combined my three favorite albums of the time I started listening into one picture and a close artist friend in Germany drew up something I fell in love with a couple years ago(@cryptcreepercollective on IG). It’s my first tattoo (artist:@infinite.creature on IG) and I couldn’t be happier to have this band permanently etched into my body.

Their sound changed how I experienced music and AFI’s music has been a constant companion throughout my life. It’s been an absolute pleasure and an even more amazing journey with them. 

Thank you for 30 years! 

I got into AFI during the Sing the Sorrow era – I still have the original album

Los Angeles, California, US

I remember the first day I hear AFI in 2003 and borrowing my friend’s CD, who she got on day one of its release. I heard the By the time I finally decided to get my own copy, I saw the special edition of Sing the Sorrow (CD). Even though vinyl wasn’t that big back in the day, I also saw the vinyl edition and pick it up, as I was fully invested into my collection back then. So happy to share this with the AFI fandom.

So many memories

Simi Valley, US

Where do I even start?!? I’ve been going to AFI shows since nearly the beginning. It’s hard to describe to people what those early shows were like. A ragtag group of teenagers with such a passion for the music they made with a work ethic that remains to this day. Begging people to come up to the stage in hopes of hooking them in with their unique sound. I’ve been to probably at least a 100 shows over the years and it never gets old. Since early on Dave and Adam treated me like family, always happy to see me and catch up before the shows. The hilarious antics of Smith, always making me laugh. I’m forever grateful for the personal and professional inspiration, inspiring me to push the boundaries of myself as an artist and a person. So many memories, so many great people I’ve met at the shows over the years, here’s to the next 30!

AFI – Centereach NY 1999

Medford, NY, US

AFI show in Fall 1999 

First time seeing A.F.I play

805, US

Back in 96 right after Very Proud of Ya came out I saw A.F.I play a very small show in Oxnard,Ca put on by Numbskull in a church if I remember correctly. The band band pulled up in a small car, parked went inside and got ready to play. Awesome memory for me got one of my favorite shirts that night(file13). I don’t even remember if there were opening bands. Very cool night. I’m 43 now and still listening to A.F.I

Backstage with Davey

Melbourne, AU

I first heard AFI in 2003, just after Sing the Sorrow came out. That year, they toured Australia & I saw them play at the Hi-Fi Bar. I remember singing so hard that my head started spinning & I thought I was going to faint.

Over the years, their music has kept me company through good times & bad, something I return to again & again like an old friend. 

In 2014, AFI played Soundwave. After more than a decade of being a fan, it was a really special experience to meet Davey. Especially wearing that suit. What a man, what a legend. 

Awkward FI

Chicago, US

July 3, 1999. Fireside Bowl. First time seeing AFI. 16 years old. Probably my third or fourth punk show and def the most energetic. Still my favorite show ever. Over twenty years later the show appears on youtube and I learn that 16 year old me awkwardly got up on stage during ‘He Who Laughs Last.’ It’s the ultimate ‘proof that was an awkward teenager but at least I had good taste in music’ moment. No shame. No regrets. Congrats on 30 to AFI.

who needs sleep?

Chicago, IL, US

Only one memory? And keep it short? Ugh. Fine. Ditched school one day in 2001 to drive 8 hours to see AFI in Springfield, IL on a Thursday. After the show, drove home just in time to go to school on zero sleep. Also got a mention in Finche’s Tour Diary. Worth it.

Love at Silver and Cold


I first got into AFI when I saw the music video for “Silver and Cold” on Fuse (remember Fuse??? lol). I was struck immediately by Davey’s beauty and the haunting nature of the song and visuals. I immediately went to the store to find their album and have been in love with the band’s music since. I’ve seen them two or three times live and every single time, it’s the best concert experience I’ve ever had. They put their hearts and souls into their music and performance and it absolutely shows. Planning on getting a Sing the Sorrow inspired tattoo soon! Love AFI!

The band that made me love music

port st Lucie, US

When I was about 8 or 9 my dad introduced me to AFI. He had been a fan since the ’90s and they had remained one of his favorite bands. My dad would play music in the car and one day he put on Sing the Sorrow and I still remember the feeling that opening track had on me. I had never heard anything like it, it was dark, imposing, and most of all grand! It made me want to, no, I needed to hear the rest of the album. As I listened to it in the car I felt feeling’s I never had prior and that was the day I fell in love with music. My dad would later download STS and DU along with some Blaqk audio on my iPod and I was hooked. Ever since then I have been a longtime fan. I honestly wouldn’t be who I am today without this band so thank you for introducing me to the wonderful world of music. Happy 30th!

10/2/2009, AFI plays On The Arrow publicly for the first time.

St. Paul, MN, US

Apologies in advance for the shakiness of the clip! At the now defunct Epic in Minneapolis, Davey announced that their playing On The Arrow would be the first time they played it live on stage. It was my first AFI show, 12 years in the making. 

Through Our Bleeding We Are One!

Vista Ca, US

The first time I saw AFI was 12/7/2000. You guys opened up for Rancid, the Distillers were the other supporting act. I was hooked immediately. I believe the classical song “O Fortuna” was playing before Adam started drumming the intro to “Strength Through Wounding!” I get goosebumps thinking of it. I’ll never forget standing shoulder to shoulder with strangers chanting “Through Our Bleeding We Are One!” A group of strangers became family that night! I was able to meet you guys at The Rimac Arena in La Jolla 11/1/2003. It was for a DF meet and greet. Now 21 years later I’ll be taking my 8 and 12 year old to see you guys at Soma in San Diego, February 2022. Just like a said a million times 11/1/2003. Thank you!

A lifetime of memories


Honestly, I could never choose just one favorite memory, cause you’ve given me a lifetimes worth. 50+ shows later (I stopped counting) and you’ve brought me through the hardest of times and given me the most cathartic moments at your shows, not to mention the fact that I met my best friends through loving you. I’m eternally grateful 🖤

Happy 30th anniversary,


My First Show

Sheffield, England, GB

Can’t tell you how privileged I feel to have met you several times over the last 20 years.

This was one of my first gigs and my first AFI show ever. Opening with Miseria Cantare, the whole room was one with singing and a shared love of music. Thank you for your being a key and constant part of my life x

The shirt that lives on

Normal, Illinois, US

My older sister gave me my first AFI album for my 12th birthday. It was Sing the Sorrow and it changed my life. I quickly fell in love with the music and lyrics, giving Sing the Sorrow a permanent spot in my top albums of all time. I purchased my first AFI shirt shortly after m 12th birthday and have had it ever since. One the sleeves and bottom of the shirt became too worn to continue to wear, I wanted to keep the shirt alive and have had it as a back patch ever since. This shirt patch is almost 20 years old, and is cherished more every day. 

My Love Story 🖤

Sacramento , US

It all started at the tender age of 14, I first heard Days of the Phoenix and fell in 🖤Flash forward 20 years and I have had so many beautiful memories with AFI it’s hard to choose just one; I’ve seen several live shows me and my bestie would skip school to pick up new albums and once to see Davey interview at a local radio station. I met my now husband who shares the same eternal love for AFI, we have matching tattoos with lyrics from The Lost Souls, he proposed to me at an AFI show. But one the best moments of my life was when I walked down the isle at our wedding to Endlessly She Said, and my bestie that skipped school with me all those years ago was front and center mouthing the lyrics. From my early teenage angst into semi functioning  adulthood LOL, you guys have always been by my side and I feel like I have grown up with you, I can’t imagine a life without you! 🖤🖤🖤

Sing the Sorrow….the gateway album

Omaha, NE, US

Never expected to have a life changing moment inside a Hot Topic…but circa mid 2003 and I came across an instore giveaway contest thing for something related to AFI and just mused that, by photo appearances, they would probably be a perfect band for my goth sister. Had never heard of them and had no idea of who they were or what they were about.  

A few minutes later, I happened to hear Girl’s Not Grey on the overhead and froze from the start to end of the song. Went home having no idea who sang it, but I was in love.

An internet lyric search later and I dove in head first. It took a bit of time until my brain connected the two memories in retrospect.

 I’ve been blessed to have been able to see them multiple times. Was over the moon to finally get into the DF after 10 years of trying. (Enrollment always seemed closed when I’d check.) They are one of the bands I constantly enjoy and turn to; back catalogue to current. From AFI through Blaqk Audio, Dream Car, and Hunter Revenge, or other creative avenues, they have just brought so much into my life; such JOY and comfort.

I can never express enough, how happy I am that I found them and what an impact they continue to have with the creativity they share.

From cross state road trips to god knows where in the middle of blizzard conditions to just down the road from home; supporting them is ALWAYS WORTH IT. 

Davey – Thanks for pointing back at me from the stage at Sokol Auditorium in Omaha…during the Blood Tour. Life Highlight.   

To everyone involved – Thank you for 30 years and on. <3

Black Sails

Chattannooga, TN, US

I was in high school, visiting my best friend, and her brother started playing Black Sails in the Sunset. The instant the very last song started, God Called in Sick Today, I was enthralled. I requested that he burn me a copy, and continued to play the album nonstop in my car everywhere I went! I also got my lil Black Sails tattoo a few years afterwards. The album, that song and artwork still resonates with me in so many ways. They have forever changed my life and I adore the path that AFI has continued to help create for me. I remain, in shadows, growing wings. 

Love this band

Tulsa, OK, US

First discovered AFI while watching Fuse and Miss Murder came on. I was intrigued by it, so I went and bought the CD. My mother didn’t approve and I remember sneaking to listen to it. Fast forward a couple years, and I get to see them live at Cain’s Ballroom as an older teenager and a few years later, as well. Both times, the energy in the room was palpable, it was so freaking intense. I love AFI and I always will!!! (Come back to Cain’s!! If not, see you guys in TX!) <3 

Black Umbrella

Ventura, CA, US

When I was 16 I went to Warped Tour in 2001 with my friend just to see AFI. We were standing by the sound booth while watching The Vandals play and my friend turns to me and whispers “is that Davey?” Confused, I look around thinking I don’t know anyone named Davey until I look to my right and standing next to us was Davey Havok in black, holding a black umbrella. We talked to him for a bit about us being in a band and he signed my ticket (which I still have.) It was nice to know that someone you look up to could be so friendly and down to earth. It is something I’ll never forget. 

22 Years of Memories

Seattle, US

From being left at Warped Tour and Davey helping me up off the ground while I was crying, to carrying an Art doll for my prom flowers, and many more memories, including you touching my pregnant belly, AFI has been my comfort through all of the ups and downs of my life. 

Jaws of Swell

Jerez de la Frontera , ES

When I was living in Manchester as a student in 1999/2001 I heard that AFI were playing in Leeds at Jaws of Swell. When I got to the address I discovered that’s how you pronounce Joseph’s Well with a Leeds accent. The venue was a basement of a large pub. Opening act were Vanilla Pod. I had a blast and that was the only time I ever had a chance to see them.

First concert

Shreveport la, US

I remember my wife and I went to Dallas house of blues for our first afi concert. She is a huge fan and it was such a moving experience for her and I as well. Cant wait to see the band in Dallas and Austin next year.

Bound by music forever

New Jersey, US

AFI has been with me from the beginning of my teenage years. 30 years later and still my all time favorite band that has been such a huge part of my life. Shows, albums, feelings, and autographs are all moments we’ve shared. I’m one of many. You are one of few! Keep playing for us. 

AFI- Soma

San Diego, CA, US

First time seeing AFI live at Soma in San Diego. They performed in all white. Excited to see them again at Soma for the Bodies tour 19 years later! 

The Nightmare After Christmas

Stourbridge, GB

I discovered AFI in the days of Napster, downloading Third Season and God Called in Sick Today. When Art of Drowning came out I purchased it immediately and listening to it and looking at the liner notes felt almost like a religious experience, this music was made for me. I missed seeing AFI in Derby in 2001 as my parents thought my new obsession was a passing phase and wouldn’t let me go, but they made it up to me with this ticket the following year! 

Track 7, Age 7

Troy, NY, US

My video is just a snippet of how AFI hypes me up. In the photo I’m wearing the shirt I got from my first show. I saw the Girl’s Not Grey music video on TV when I was 7 in 2005. After that, STS never left my CD player. My dad took me to see AFI the following year in November in Albany, NY for their I Heard A Voice tour. When they started to play Death Of Seasons, (track 7 on STS) I was so excited, but still, I was a kid with my dad. I thought, “they say the fuck word in this song…uh oh” I screamed “’cause this hate is fucking real!” at the break down and my dad didn’t care. He knew I was feeling extreme euphoria, like how he probably felt at his first show. To this day STS is my favorite album. Thank you for giving me that silly moment with my dad, making me feel understood, introducing me to HXC, always experimenting and moving forward, etc. Thank you AFI.

somewhere in the wilderness, we found salvation

Atlanta, GA, US

I discovered AFI by accident, clicking through YouTube videos in 2008. I was 13 years old. The song was Prelude 12/21. AFI was the starting point, the catalyst for my love of all music, but especially punk, darkwave, and gothic rock. AFI’s music was an immense comfort to me in my tumultuous mid/late teens, where I struggled with my sexual orientation and gender identity. Davey’s activism inspired me to go vegetarian at 14, vegan at 16 (I am still vegan today, 10 years later), as well as to abstain from alcohol and recreational drug use; given my family history of alcohol abuse, a choice that may very well have saved my life. Seeing AFI live for the first time on the Burials tour in 2013 was nothing short of magical. I was fortunate enough to attend several dates on that tour, and have seen them many times since. Always looking forward to the next date (though I live in Canada now, so a flight may be in order. Worth the trip!)

Thank you for the music, for everything.

Applegate CA, US

Did not understand until my first pleasure of viewing, July 1 2001, Soda Springs, CA. Haunting of the Bay, Gavin & Rhino. Now 50+ shows, off shoots and more. Each go tell myself to let the forth comes have their time but I somehow find myself unabashedly at that guard rail participating in our hymns. Las Vegas STS saw Disneyland Josh (Davey Skinny Puppy T Pic) whom gave me his wrist band to get backstage for me to tell (laxed security) to you boys how proud I was to see what you are and have became, this stands true. Our paths have crossed through the years From EBHC to Atlanta and I thank you for all of the experiences.

We evolve along side you   

Sacramento CA , US

I was 11 years old when I got Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 for GameCube. The Boy Who Destroyed The World quickly became my favorite song on the soundtrack and I’ve been hooked ever since.

My first concert.

Milwaukee, WI, US

So I went and saw the Offspring in like 1997.  I was in 5th grade.  It was my first concert.  I wasn’t old enough to really appreciate it, etc but my mom was cool and took me cuz she knew I wanted to go.  Made me stay in the balcony though which I didn’t understand until the show started.  Anyway, AFI was the band on before them and I didn’t know it yet but they would become one of my favorite bands of all time.  My love of them didn’t actually come until Tony hawk 2 came out and “The boy who destroyed the world” immediately captivated me.  I went and sought out the All Hallows ep and quickly got all the AFI stuff. Right as I started getting into them Sing the Sorrow came out and I only got more hooked from there.  Finally saw them again at Summerfest in 2007 and my best memory is Summer Shudder in the summer rain.

back to school

Kyiv and Dnipro, UA

AFI is a band that i’ve (i’m a girl from Ukraine) started to listen to when i was in school, i was 14 years old (i’m 33 now) i think. my friends parents used to travel around the world a lot and he had a lot of CDs with diff music. we used to skate together and he once (i think it was 2003) gave me AFI cd, i think it was Sing the Sorrow. it’s important to mention that it was REALLY hard to get “alternative” music in Ukraine that time and there were no streaming services, obviously. it was the love from first sound. i’ve started to search more about the band and still now, in 2021 AFI is one of my fave bands ever. i love their “old” music more, if to be honest, but still.. i am happy that AFI is still together as a band and doing stuff that makes them and fans happy. 
at the photo i’m in 2010 waiting for a local gig in Kyiv, Ukraine in AFI tshirt. at the video.. well it is just some fun stuff from me and my best friend, year 2007.

It’s almost been ten years

Mount Laurel, NJ, US

Back in 2006-2007, my older sister was in middle school and would play several artists that I listen to now, AFI is one. Miss Murder (and all of decemberunderground) specifically piqued my interest. I was turning 6 in 2006, so imagine a little, pudgy kid listening to Miss Murder and Kill Caustic. Every Halloween I play the All Hallow’s EP to get into the spooky season. People usually grow out of their “emo” phase before they hit 17-18, I’m 21 now and I haven’t stopped. (=^・・^=)

Carry Your Light

Amsterdam, NY, US

I grew up sleeping on my best friend’s couch like many others, in the shadow of his big brother. We were students of his music tastes and after he introduced us to the Art of Drowning, we were hooked. Soon after our walls and wardrobes were covered with images of all things AFI. 

In 2003, myself and my best friends Pat Cush, and James eagerly anticipated the release of Sing the Sorrow only to discover a concert in Canada soon after its release. Our parents all agreed to allow us to go together with James’s father for the epic adventure. We stayed the night at James’s house, woke up crazy early for the 6 hour drive to Canada. We were the first in line for the show with AFI and the Explosion, so early in fact we were able to see the tour bus arrive with our idols and enjoy a small intimate meeting before they began to prepare for the show. We sang every song from the front barricade with arms around each other, and went home with our autographed clandestine books.

In 2018 I lost my best friend Pat in a limousine accident, and most recently James lost his father to Covid. Neither of us were prepared to handle these tragedies, and both found ourselves turning to the familiar for comfort, the love of AFI. The experience we had that day in Canada is now embedded in our skin as we carry their memories with us. 

In darkness together, we’re bringing the light. 


Pittsburgh Pennsylvania , US

When I was in high-school, 16/17ish my hair was dyed black and I wore these amazing hot pink Dickie pants and this hot pink eyeshadow from hot topic that I loved! This was around Davey’s hot pink eyeshadow time as well. 💞 A few rude boys from school covered my locker in Davey Havok pictures and kept telling me I looked like a man and made other rude remarks but I took this as a compliment as I was being told I was basically a twin to one of the worlds (in my opinion) most attractive men. They even put a picture of me up outside our cafeteria with the name Davey 🙄 at the top. I have so many AFI memories over the past 20 years but this will forever remain at the top. 

How to Make Friends

Los Angeles, US

Many years ago when there was a DF forum, I posted that I moved out to Los Angeles from Wyoming. Soon enough I was invited to hang out with some of the people (and more) in the photos and now we’ve been friends for over 15 years because of AFI! 

AFI Helped my career!

Omaha Nebraska , US

I had just started a music magazine. I had no idea how media worked. The venue said I couldn’t photograph. I was devastated. I wanted to shoot my favorite band AFI so badly. I reached out on Instagram and within a few minutes I got a response and I was on the media list. It was one of the best shows I’ve ever shot. I will be forever grateful for that day! AFI for life.

The Concert In Vegas

Lakewood, CA, US

I remember it was my 14TH birthday! We were in Vegas going to see AFI with my dad and my sisters. When we got there we didn’t know that the concert was all general admission, so since we were all children with my dad, the only spot we could really find was all the way in the back next to the bar. The whole time we couldn’t really see anything but we still had a blast!

My son Phoenix

Sarasota, Florida, US

We named our first born Phoenix for the the song Days of the Phoenix and the memories I made at the Phoenix theater in Petaluma. He knows “his” song and he visited “his” theater this summer for the first time. AFI has always been my favorite band and now my kiddos love you too! 

Ten year wait

Washington, D.C. , US

My best friend & I had a connection over this band since we were in middle school. We had just never seen them live for one reason or another. Seeing them at the 9:30 Club & having a barricade spot for it was an experience like no other. There was so much passion from the crowd. It was like everyone was transformed back into their 14 year old selves with how they were screaming along to every word. We had waited almost a decade to see this band & getting to finally experience it was the best form of catharsis ever.


Mx City, MX

I still can’t believe that the second time the band came to Mx City, they actually throw down a M&G cause they got word from their crew that some DFers were in line, waiting. Bands don’t generally throw stuff like that down here, it was super cool, and 14 years later, one of my fondest memories. They all were awesome and gracious, took time to talk to each and everyone of us and snap photos (Davey was super sick and still went through it all, always with a smile). To this day it’s an honor to be a fan. I salute them and hope for 30 years more. *Through our bleeding, we are one*

Mexico 2014 🇲🇽

Mexico city, Mex, MX

Estaba en mi primer trabajo cuando supe que vendrían, mis ahorros fueron para el boleto y el transporte a otra ciudad (4hr de distancia)

No me arrepiento, fue mi sueño hecho realidad estar viendo a mi banda favorita!


When I was 17, in November 1999, I went and saw AFI (who I was new to) open for Sick Of It All. I had some experience with punk and hardcore and deathrock. The opening bands (Hot Water Music and Indecision) were great, but then came AFI. There were Jack O Lanterns on stage, Davey came out in a vinyl gimp suit with a purple devilock. It was the best thing I ever saw. I started a band 2 months later.

Sing the sorrow, my fav ever

Mexico, City, MX

I was 12 years old when I saw the leaving song pt.2 video on mtv, since that day I became a huge fan. I used to hear non-stop sing the sorrow album and I rembered the whole concept and lyrics, had a huge impact in my life.

I’m almost 30 and that album stills shakes me. I’ve saw you at shows several times, been on a fan meeting and got my tom’s drum signed along with some albums and I also made my mom a huge fan of you guys, she even went with me to a concert.

Thank you for all those years of wonderful music 🖤🖤🖤