Free CD

Birmingham, england, GB

I got a free CD with a magazine (metal hammer or Kerrang!) that had Days of the Phoenix on it & was hooked on AFI from then on. 19 years ago I got the nephilim tattooed on my back. Beauty that will horrify lol. Congrats on 30 years guys xxxxx

Disc Connection

Richboro, PA, US

Disc Connection, small record store in Bensalem, Pa (outside Philly) my hometown. There was about 20 people there maybe. The owner gave us a promo copy of Very Proud of Ya and it started super fandom that lives today with me a few close friends I still hang with today! Bought the “go ahead punk make my day” nitro comp. World changed!this is just one of many I could post about  Thank you! 

Warped Tour 2001

Cleveland, OH, US

I remember Warped Tour 2001.I remember you had a board set up outside your merch tent for people to write songs they wanted to hear you play, and for some dumb reason I was too nervous to write anything on that board. I have vivid memories of the sun setting as you started to play Malleus Maleficarum. Also of some girl heckling Davey and him saying “You’re just jealous cause I’m prettier than you sweetheart”. Best ever. You guys are everything to me.

Davey on Sunset

Los Angeles, CA, US

I was going to a TSOL show in Hollywood and ran into Davey. He just stuck around for an hour talking music and stories. I told him I was embarrassed to put out a video for the Crash Love Contest and he put one out himself! 


Beach Park, US

I started listening in 2000 when I was 10. I was married to a horrible man for 11 years, and AFI was my reprieve from abuse, from pain. I’d sing Days of the Phoenix while in labor, distracting my mind from the miracle of birth. Now I’m raising two AFI fanatics. But all I can say is thank you for being my safe place, my savior, and my reason to keep going.

AFI at first sight

Austin, TX, US

Daisy has loved AFI since she was two, and still loves them just as much at six. She has seen them twice–third time will be in February! Her friend’s dad (a drummer) got her a signed drum stick from Adam. Sometimes she screams if we try to listen to anything other than AFI!

My favorite band ever


AFI has been my favorite band for years now, although I was very young, I can’t describe how the band helped me in many ways: since I was a kid I knew I was into the “strange and usual” Davey Havok and of course the whole band showed me that I shouldn’t be afraid to be myself, they introduced me to the music I enjoy the most: goth subculture and veganism are two movements that are part of my life now, and despite being borderline patient dealing with my own demons, AFI is always there to show me that there’s light in darkness and isolation and I’m very thankful for that, for changing my life with their music and the wonderful persons they are. In honor, I have a simple but precious to me tattoo of Jade and Davey, I can’t wait to get Adam and Hunter too and get the opportunity to meet them when they visit Mexico again since I haven’t had the pleasure to see them yet, and well, maybe get them to sign my tattoo and get tattooed that too.


Sanger,ca , US

The love I have for this band and the music they have created has touch me eternally. 

Hope your well

Fayetteville, Ar, US

The first time I got into afi. My friend let me borrow his “sing of the sorrow” cd back in 03-04, and was an instant fan!

First song I heard

Shelbyville, IN, US

The first time I heard them was on MTV2 back when they played music videos nonstop all day and I really liked with Third Season. The next time I heard them was when Girls Not Grey was released to the radio and I knew I had to follow them after that.

opera house toronto

Saint Catharines, Ontario, CA

the infamous riot at the opera house in Toronto in 1996. yes i was there

Tattoo By Dave

Bogotá, CO

After wait for almost 8 years I had the opportunity to See AFI Finally in My Country and my City in The Burial Era (2014), And I had the awesome chance to meet them, Jade and Dave one of my biggest inspirations in life and of course Adam and hunter (who were so polite that day). So to remember this moment even more I asked Dave to sign my arm the best he can just to get it tattooed, so he signed my arm and hours later in the festival I got it tattooed. I can still remember the energy of the guys when I Salute them :’). I took a few photos of the show that Night you can see it here Tumblr

A Story about Skateboards and Lovesickness

Braunschweig, NDS, DE

It was back in 2001 and I first came in touch with AFI while I was on a skate session with my friends. “The Boy who destroyed the world“ was played through a boombox and I instantly felt in love. Years later “Sing The Sorrow” came out and at that time I was so in love with my classmate. One day she came to school with a bag and an AFI pin on it. So I talked to her (I was a little bit shy back in the days) and we listened to STS nearly every recess. 

To me AFI is the biggest band. I got so many memories connected with every single album. And AFI redefined through all these years in a positive way.

Thank you AFI!

Sixteen Years of Bliss

Los Angeles, CA, US

This band has changed my life since I was 12 years old. I have loved them for 16 years and they have never once faltered. They have led me in so many positive directions and life choices and I cannot appreciate AFI enough for being just the kindest, talented and beautiful humans. I had a couple of opportunities to meet them when I was 13 at their show in San Bernardino (very cringe photos of me, but we had to power through) and once at 15 at the Crash Love signing. I had the best night of my life seeing them at the Wiltern in 2017 where they played “The Despair Factor” which is one of my all time favorite songs and I just fell in love all over again. Thank you AFI for being just the most incredible band on this planet. 

Unforgettable life Changing music

Phoenix, US

When I was 14 I discovered one album that changed my life,The Art of Drowning.I remember listening to TAD while my parents car was getting repaired. I remember listening to 6to8 on repeat thinking to myself these choruses are unforgettable.Little did I know even more unforgettable music,and musical evolutions would be on the horizon.Little did I know TAD drowning would change my life by making me a lifelong fan.

The Skirt

San Francisco, CA, US

This skirt is as old as the Despair Faction itself, and started as a way to make use of the armband that came with the first DF merch pack (17-year-old Kat thought armbands were fascist). It includes official patches, bootleg patches, handmade patches, handmade stencils, cannibalized t-shirts, and the signatures of all current band members (also Fritch and Smith). I have worn it to more than a dozen AFI shows, and it was featured in one of the tour diary videos from the Decemberunderground era (the Nashville show from the Love Like Winter tour, I think). I’m starting to run out of room, but managed to cram a Bodies patch on there to make sure it’s up to date.

UK shows

Scotland, GB

One of my favourite memories of the UK shows is all the people I’ve met along the way. Yes the drop of the lights and the first note being played is amazing but I’ve met some true friends outside of shows. Waiting for hours on a cold pavement create a bond haha. 

Here’s one of many pics I have outside shows. This one is from the electric ballroom in London in 2006 

First shows

Scotland, GB

I wasn’t supposed to be going to the offspring show when you supported in Glasgow then my friend got sick and gave me her ticket. I was blown away by you guys on stage and next morning bought a ticket to see you headline at king Tut’s venue. Set was amazing, you guys were so nice staying to chat with us after too. Haven’t missed a UK tour since with most recent being the deftones support. 

Forever singing the sorrow

Vancouver, BC, CA

Before I had money and internet access, I could only listen to the radio. I’m forever thankful that 99.3 played “Girls Not Grey”  which led me to discover AFI. There is no memory of my youth more pleasant than of lying in my bedroom at the age of 13 wishing my walls were black, liner notes in hand, and dissecting each word of Sing the Sorrow. I’m no expert on music but Sing the Sorrow, to me, is AFI’s Black Celebration. To this last point, as a 90s kid, I wouldn’t  have discovered Depeche Mode without AFI. So, thank you for your music, and also thank you for leading me to Depeche Mode. 

21 years later I finally see them!

Carmarthen, Wales, GB

From first reading magazines back in ’99 then hearing God Called… on a comp cd, it was hard but rewarding to collect up the releases of what would become my favourite band.I missed many great shows due to my location and lack of money, but finally in 2010, I saw them in Manchester on the CL tour!

San Diego Shenanigans

Los Angeles, US

I was at a show in San Diego during the burials tour. I had met smith inside and he had a broken collar bone and he had told me he got it a couple shows earlier from a crowd surfer. After the show I met Jade and made a joke “hey jade I saw what you did to smith poor guy” to which he replied with “ya, had to teach him a lesson”. That had everyone laughing. It was an amazing show and I can’t thank the guys enough for all they’ve done for their fans.


Santiago, CL

I don’t know if Davey remembered that I spoke to me, I hope he remembers his visit to Chile.  but this was everything


Birmingham Al, US

I was 11-12 years old. I sit down with my father who is watching fuse tv at the time. I hear a piano and look at the tv to see Davey Havok for the first time. Silver and Cold will always be close to me. This memory was the start of my search to find my identity. In a lot of ways AFI has always been there opening doors for me at each new chapter. Silver and cold will always be where it started for me. I am so thankful for this band and the music that has helped medicate the depressions and traumas that life brings. You guys helped me find myself and I’m eternally grateful! Happy 30th AFI!

Through our bleeding we are one

Best Show Ever

Baltimore, MD, US

The Art of Drowning tour in 2001 was the third time I had seen AFI. The show was at a tiny club called Valentine’s in Albany. We got there early and waited outside, as we always did. We watched AFI’s tour bus pull up, and Davey and Adam were kind enough to chat with us for a while on the sidewalk and take pictures. The show was incredible – I somehow got myself on the stage and was able to take tons of photos, and Adam kept making funny faces at me. Afterwards, he gave me a drumstick which I still have, and Jade gave me his pick which I made into a necklace, and I got to meet Hunter after the show. It was such a magical night that I will never forget and is probably my best show memory ever. 

That time Davey gifted me a ticket to the best concert of my life…

San Diego, CA, US

A few years ago, someone on the AFI subreddit posted about giving away free tickets to the Missing Man show in SD. I was skeptical but I messaged them anyway and they said that a ticket was all mine with a picture as proof. Honestly, I was still skeptical up until a “friend of the band” handed me the ticket outside of the venue that night. The band ended up playing Synesthesia for the first time ever at that show as well as a bunch of my personal favorites, including Feed From The Floor and Endlessly, She Said. When I got home, I sent a message to my anonymous benefactor, thanking them for the ticket. Then I looked more closely at the picture they sent earlier and realized that I was actually thanking Davey himself. Thanks again for the unforgettable night!   

AFI saved me

Mexico City, MX

I remember the first time I listened to AFI; it was “Miss Murder” and that song blew my mind, then I bought the Decemberunderground album, saw them at a show, after that purchase and that concert, my world changed; in those days I was a teenager struggling with depression, I had many suicidal tendencies, I hurt myself, I felt alone and like nobody understood what I was being though (neither I) but AFI was always there for me supporting me with their art and with their lyrics I knew that someone out there felt the same that I felt, you don’t know guys how much you helped me in the darkest days, almost 15 years passed since I listened to you for the first time, you had saved me so many times and I wouldn’t be able to thank you enough for that, I still struggling with depression but your art always remember me that I’m not alone and there’s so many people that love me and take care of me.

Happy 30 years!!! 

Hope to see you soon in Mexico 🇲🇽 🖤

Jannus Landing 2007

Saint Petersburg, FL, US

Jannus Landing 1/31/07.  I left the barricade to get DXH signature for tattoo, failed. Only got back to 7th row.  Ended up helping hold Davey for GCIST, got his glove and set list! Next night was on barricade and got my neck signed, perfect two shows!!! So many shows, so many memories.  Thank you 💜

A Love Story

Chilliwack, CA

I fell in love with AFI in highschool like most of their fans. My sister used to play Black Sails and AOD so loud in her bedroom I began to know all the lyrics. I’ve been front row at all 8 of their shows I attended in Vancouver, B.C. except when I was 8 months pregnant I had a group of friends surround me to protect me. My sister and I share our love for AFI still to this day. We even got tattoos a while back to always remember their influence. Much love Davey, Jade, Hunter and Adam ❤️

I’ve had this whole world drained from me.

Teaneck, NJ, US

This is my best friend, Diana, of over 15 years. We met each other through our obsession with AFI in the 6th grade. She passed away a year ago. 

Guided my life

Ontario, CA, US

You guys guided and shaped my life starting in Highschool starting with The Art of Drowning, I have listened to you throughout my life, and still do to this day! Love you guys and all you’ve done for me through your music!

First and only show

Gold Coast Queensland, AU

The first and only time I ever got to see you guys was at the Brisbane show in 2017, it was and still is my favourite concert I’ve ever been to.

TV changed my life

Reno, NV, US

I was around 12 years old when I saw the snowy music video for Love Like Winter on my TV screen and it changed my life. I could not stop thinking about it in for days after and I got that album gifted to me. Almost 15 years later I still hold AFI in my heart. Thank you for making the art you do and for helping a younger me grow through the hardship of being a teenager.

Black sails and wings

Vinita, OK, US

I have been an AFI fanatic since 2001. A close friend of mine introduced me and there was no turning back. I have three AFI tattoos. My black sails, a pumpkin and my star with a fire inside surrounded by wings. These tattoos remind me of all of the AFI concerts I have been to and my bestfriend. I can’t wait to see you all in concert again. And I just want to meet you one day!


Jumping On The Bed

Dunmore, PA, US

The first time I recall hearing AFI was at a sleepover at my two friends’ place across the street. They were sisters. Their older brother had the decemberunderground CD in his room and while he wasn’t there, my friends and I turned it on and jumped around on his bed listening to it. I specifically remember wondering why he was screaming but I loved it. I also remember seeing the CD booklet and I was mesmerized by their sense of fashion. We were maybe 9 years old or so. One day I finally bought the CD for myself, and eventually most of their others. AFI is one of the first bands I ever got into and I’ve been a huge fan ever since. They helped me understand my dark feelings more, which helped me cope and better express those feelings. They helped me out when I used to cry alone in my bedroom. They helped me develop my own style that I was comfortable with as well, and I still practically dress the same way to this day. I am finally going to see AFI live in February and it’s really been a long time coming. I’m 22 now. I’ll be forever grateful for this band.

15 year old me and my favourite AFI t-shirt.

Winnipeg, CA

15 year old me at my friends place back in the day. I’m 35 now and still a huge fan of AFI and always will be. My friend toke this photo and clearly I wasn’t ready for the picture lol. I first saw AFI when I was around the same age in the picture. When I saw them live that was the first time I heard of them and I fell in love with the band and the lifestyle they lived. I myself have a dark side to me but also can be very loving and caring also. AFI’s album “The Art of Drowning” helped me through a lot and also made me realize who I am supposed to be. And that’s someone that stands out from the crowds and be original and unique. Thank you and happy 30 year anniversary AFI love you guys till death.

Richard Beilman 🤘🦇🔥🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

First time meeting the band.

Port Orchard Wa., US

Davey came out front(where I was standing with it), and brought me back in to get it signed. Adam sent me stickers through Nitro, when I mentioned there were none at the show. I also said he should get a computer to see the AFI message board. That was his response he wrote to me. It was so awesome. Great guys!

Of Greetings and Goodbyes

Castaic, CA, US

I saw AFI at the Wiltern in Los Angeles in 2017 when they were touring on The Blood Album.  I’d seen AFI about 6 times at this point in my life and for the most part they had similar set lists each time.  This time was different.  The set list was absolutely stacked with Paper Airplanes, This Celluloid Dream, and Total Immortal.  But nothing will compare to when they played my absolute favorite song, Of Greetings and Goodbyes.  I got into AFI when I was 13.  In 2017 I was 28 years old and I never thought I’d hear that song live ever.  When they kicked in with those first 2 snare/kick drum hits I lost my fucking mind.  My wife and I looked at each other like oh my God it’s finally happening!  I’ve been to hundreds of concerts over the course of my life and that moment, that 2 minutes will forever be at the top of the list.  There will never be a more important band in my life than AFI.  Thank you Davey, Adam, Jade, and Hunter for the music you’ve made and will hopefully continue to make.  Long Live A Fire Inside.

This Time Imperfect


Sing The Sorrow holds a dear place in my heart as my favorite album of all time. My mother bought me the album when I was 5 years old and even bought me a matching shirt with it. Times were rough as my father left, but listening to that record with my mom in our car each day kept me happy. I even performed Dancing Through Sunday at a school talent show. Thank you for being a part of my life and memories, AFI.

My first AFI show

Baltimore, MD, US

For my 15th birthday, my parents flew me from Maryland to Florida to see AFI for my very first time. It was the Decemberunderground tour at Jannus Landing in St. Pete. I screamed til I lost my voice, and danced the night away. I’ll never forget how incredible that moment was, I’ve now seen AFI 8+ times, and have 3 different tattoos. Thanks guys for creating music, I feel like you’re family to me. 🖤

Thank you

Cleveland, Ohio , US

I just want to say thank you. I was 18 years old, going to a party with friends and the moment I walked through the door I heard Davey sing. I asked the host, “who is this?” He replied, “AFI.” The next morning I went to FYE and bought the entire discography. Now 23 years later I’ll be taking my daughter to see them for the first time next year. Thank you for the inspiration for life, tattoos and a lifelong love. 

My first AFI concert

Windsor, Ontario, CA

AFI has been my fav band since 2005. My first concert was in Detroit at the Fillmore in 2009, shortly after Crash Love was released. The excitement I felt knowing I was finally seeing them live for the first time was insane. That experience was one I will never forget. The energy in the room was a feeling I never experienced until that day. Everyone sang, jumped, and danced their hearts out. The band as a whole gave such a powerful performance that night, you could feel their passion and energy emulating. It was truly an experience I will never forget and still experience every time I see AFI live. I will love AFI forever and always. Thank you for your beautiful music, art and powerful performances throughout the last 30 years.


San Luis Obispo, US

So the first time I saw AFI. Was right when their first album came out. They were opening up for Dancehall Crashers at Paterson Hall in Fresno. We’d rent a Uhaul and load it up with ppl to go to the show. Tbh I didn’t really like Dancehall crashers and had never heard of AFI, just loved shows. I remember them going on and it changed my life. They came so hard and put on such a show. After that I love been a fan for life. That Uhaul ride home was filled with excitement and a mini mosh pit. Good old days. Thank you

My very 1st AFI show

Moore, Oklahoma , US

February 24th 2004 tulsa oklahoma, i was frozen i couldnt move, they were right in front of me, daveys voice ringing in my ears all i could do was cry. Ill never forget that night

So worth the wait…

Richmond, Virginia, US

First heard Silver and Cold on a mix CD my middle school boyfriend made me. Finally saw you in concert at the National in 2016 with my now husband. Stood less than 10 feet away from stage and watched Davey walk onto the crowd like a god.

Photography Then vs Now

Columbus, US

Took photos of the band in 2006 with a disposable camera. In 2017 I was fortunate enough to photograph their show for real. I will always cherish that memory and feeling of excitement. 

Seeing AFI live


I remember my first time seeing AFI live was a crazy feeling, listing to the guys over years and then seeing them in person and hearing them play live is such an out of body experience. 

Long Roads.

Ogden, UT, US

I have had a weird life of solitude, isolation, and starting over multiple times. In one of my roughest periods I happened across AFI. Their album Sing the Sorrow resonated so profoundly with the sadness I had been working through for many years. It gave a voice to so much hurt and allowed me to move beyond pain that I had never been able to comfort in myself. Despite being impoverished for most of my life I managed to get the CD for myself. As circumstances changed and my life began to improve with effort and persistence… the first vinyl I ever purchased was the Red Special edition of Sing the Sorrow, which sits sealed, the plastic slightly damaged, one of my fondest possessions. 

Concert in Warsaw , Poland

Warsaw, Mazovian Voivodeship, PL

When we waited for you to play for us again (Warsaw, 2010) one of you came back to the stage without shoes (it was cold April) and you said that you never had such situation. Nobody waited such long.🖤

AOD release show Oct 2000

Bay Area, CA, US

The AOD release show at the Fillmore in SF in Oct 2000 is to this day (1,000 shows later) in my top 3 most memorable and best shows I’ve had the privilege of attending. It was (personally) the best AFI you could want with nothing but AOD and before on the set list, the show was absolutely insane even for being at the Fillmore, & with Tiger Army and (sorry guys, probably the best band ever) The Nerve Agents on the bill, it made it quite literally one of the best shows you could ever ask for.  Got this poster signed after the show outside and everyone was as nice as you could imagine.

My AFI Introduction

San Antonio, US

There I was a 7 year old boy in the backseat of my moms car. Little did I know she bought the new Decemberunderground album  and my life would be changed forever. I can still remember hearing the opening Prelude 12/21 thinking what is this and how have I not heard it yet? Fast forward 16 years later AFI is still my favorite band but what makes it even better is that I finally get to see them live in concert February 2022 in ATX. Here’s to another 30 years of AFI!